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Churches, like all buildings, require maintenance, even more so because of the spiritual and symbolic value of the Holy place. It is also difficult to maintain a church due to the constant activities taking place at the building. From special events like weddings or holiday festivals to Sunday mass, churches are always brimming with a crowd, making it near impossible to take care of everything.


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In this blog today, we will discuss a few tips and tricks to streamline the management of the church. These tips range from adhering to schedules to investing in church property insurance.


A church is always engaged in some activity for the community. Whether it’s a wedding or a children’s group conducting a funfair, the church is always busy. Due to the constant hustle and bustle at the church, it becomes difficult for caretakers to carry out repair tasks efficiently. A wise strategy would be to schedule repairs in advance the same way events are scheduled. Instead of waiting for complete wear and tear of church property and closing down the church for a few days, a scheduling strategy can save both money and time.


As a church custodian, if you find there’s a small patch of termite on the podium, replace or fix it immediately. In case a paint job is needed, plan ahead to invest in a church building insurance to cover the expenses. Regular maintenance and planning allow churches to run more efficiently without causing major financial blows.

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Volunteers are Assets

A church mostly relies on volunteers to streamline its day to day activities. However, designating specific individuals with tasks that require a particular skill set is always a good idea. As church manager, you may want to add a monthly volunteer day in the schedule and reach out to the local community to help with the jobs that require their input. To ensure the safety of everyone partaking as a volunteer, you can both train them and incentivize them with workers insurance.


To ensure that the church’s belongings, such as pianos, furniture, and other equipment, remain safe, your church needs to buy church property insurance. Workers insurance is required to ensure the safety of volunteers, and liability insurance is needed to support maintenance and damage repairs. We also suggest a one-day special event coverage to provide protection against unexpected situations such as accidents during a third-party event at the church. As a church, you may want to find the right kind of insurance policy that covers all your assets and prevent losses in case of unwanted trouble.

We Are Here to Help

We at Integrity Now Insurance are a dedicated group of insurance agents in California that specializes in church insurance. Our job is to help you find a reputable insurance company that deals with church insurances, including but not limited to church building insurance, ministries insurance and special event coverage. You can contact us today and help us serve your mission.

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