An interior view of a Church in Nevada.

Five Tips for Church Construction Projects

Being involved in a church construction project will be a major undertaking for your staff.  Building a church or fellowship hall isn’t a small feat; it requires careful consideration in terms of design, safety, structural durability, and the comfort of the congregation. If you’re planting a church, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1.    Determine the Goals for your Church Construction Project

Begin your project by determining the goals of the church. How much space do you want to use? What design do you have in mind? Do you have an understanding of what the congregation expects?. You need to ensure that the place is welcoming for all. For example, you’ll need to set handrails and ramps for extra accessibility. Take your time to understand all the requirements before beginning the church construction.

2.    Find Different Design Ideas

The next thing to consider is a specific design type. Are you looking for something that focuses more on indoor gatherings or are you opting for an open floor layout that extends to the outdoors? You can look up several design ideas for churches online and seek inspiration for your church building. One important thing to remember is the presence of natural light. This helps reduce energy costs during the day and also enhances the overall worship experience.

You can choose Smart Glass technology for the windows as this can reduce solar heat gains, in turn reducing the need for additional lighting. The added benefit of these glasses is that you can change them from opaque to transparent with a click of a button.

An interior view of a church.

3.    Set a Budget for your Church Construction Project

Once you’ve got a blueprint, it’s time to consult with the Church building committee to set a budget for the entire church construction project. Don’t forget to count maintenance and future operations.  We typically recommend padding your budget by an additional 25% for cost overruns.  A prime example of this is the recent lumber pricing that surged unexpectedly.

4.    Think About Safety Measures to Implement

Security is extremely important when it comes to deciding on a church design. Your building should include several defensive strategies to keep the congregation, staff, ministers, and visitors safe and protected at all times.

5.    Consider Insurance for your Church Construction Project

Talking about protection, Church insurance is another important thing that should be thought about during the church construction process. Having the right church insurance in place to cover your construction project is critical to any church, as this ensures smooth operations and keeps the congregation safe. It will be important to find out if your General Contractor is providing a course of construction project insurance coverage, or if this will be the churches responsibility to obtain.  Get in touch with an insurance agent to learn more about the available options and find coverage that meets your unique needs and requirements.

Nevada’s Leading Church Insurance Company

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional church insurance company in Nevada, our experts at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers are here for you. Our primary focus is on church insurance and we have helped thousands of churches protect their properties from liability claims. 

Our church insurance brokers have the needed expertees your church will need.  We have helped many churches with different construction projects they had envisioned to grow their church ministries.  

There are only a small handful of church property insurance companies that are willing to insure churches.  The great news is we work with most of them.  Our church insurance providers are here for the long haul.  

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