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The life of a pastor isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Delivering a sermon in front of hundreds of members can be an extremely strenuous task. It is arguably the most visible and well-known part of a pastor’s job. However, preaching a timely and truthful message requires extensive preparation. It’s not easy to prepare a sermon, yet pastors do it successfully weekly.

If you’re the pastor of a church, you’ll want to ensure that you help guide your members by bringing them a message of God every week. A sermon needs to be relevant, understandable, and captivating to help your members. It must carry a message that applies to their current lives and can help them realize that the church’s teachings can help them lead better lives.

Preparing an Effective Sermon

Preparing an effective sermon can be a challenging task, which is why we’ve created a list to help you draft your message to your people. Follow these steps to prepare a sermon:

Strategize and Research

Preparing a sermon requires time with Holy Spirit, to seek out His will for the message to be given and followed up with extensive research on the subject matter. We recommend you strategize accordingly by beginning in prayer during the initial stages of your sermon preparation weeks in advance. In addition, it would also serve you well to create a brief outline detailing the topics you want to address and how biblical passages will support your message.

Once you’ve strategized, it’s time to dive deeper into your time with Holy Spirit to see how He guides you and then hit the books and begin research. You’ll need to find the exact biblical verses to corroborate the points you’ll be conveying. Moreover, many biblical passages may be in the scripture’s original language, which will require you to translate. Biblical verses often have historical context tying into them, which you’ll have to assess carefully. You’ll also need to ensure that you spot any grammatical nuances regarding what the text may be trying to convey before you can include it in your sermon.


Once you’ve conducted your research, it’s time to pen your sermon. Depending on your preference, you can opt to either handwrite or print your manuscript. Having a manuscript handy while performing a sermon is a must. As human beings, we often fumble our words or lose our train of thought, which is why having a manuscript is essential. Your script will help you out if you suddenly find yourself at a loss for words. In addition, many biblical verses can be challenging to memorize. Having a written document can make delivering a sermon easier.

A bible for referencing during a sermon


Most pastors will go over their sermon manuscripts multiple times throughout the week, revising portions of them. Delivering a sermon is about conveying a message effectively. It requires showcasing knowledge while relating to people’s struggles. Therefore, revisions are essential for cutting out the fluff in your sermon and ensuring that it hammers the message home while being easy to understand for your members.


Nothing is more apt than the adage, “practice makes perfect.” To nail your sermon, you need to perform it for yourself. Many pastors will adopt the old practice in front of a mirror approach to ensure they can integrate their body language to accentuate the words they speak. You’ll also want to practice your sermon to ensure the message is understandable and the words flow seamlessly. Moreover, it’s essential to use your practice sessions to time your speech. People don’t want to be at church for hours on end, hearing you talk. A sermon should be brief and effective.

Safeguarding Your Ministry from Unforeseen Events

Unforeseen events often occur, which can spell the end of your ministry. Pastors can’t deliver sermons and convey the message of God if a church ceases to exist. Many churches often find themselves in property disputes or civil action lawsuits, threatening their existence. It’s essential that you protect your ministry from encountering such a fate by getting church insurance.

Church insurance from a reliable church insurance agent can serve you well. Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a church insurance company offering comprehensive insurance coverage plans to churches. Our insurance coverage includes church property insurance, church liability insurance, and worker’s compensation coverage.

Contact us today to find out how we can help protect your church from unforeseen events.

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