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Whenever someone thinks of Maine, they conjure the image of dainty coastal towns, thick forests, a nostalgic scent of the fresh sea mixed with pine, blueberries, and crispy morsels of lobster dishes. This state is a sweet summer retreat for escapists who want to go away to sandy coves, visit the beer gardens, and dine alfresco.


One of the most common reasons people visit Maine is to find spiritual guidance. It’s refreshing to see how the people of Maine have a profound love for God and are completely dedicated to serving their community. They make sure anyone who ventures through their towns is well looked after and get an experience at their church that they’ll never forget.


Apart from their quaint nautical cottages and kitschy oceanfront restaurants, Maine also houses some of the most behemoth Gothic Revival churches that have a rich history attached to them. Their evangelical commitment dates back to the 16th and 17thcenturies, and 60% of the total population in Maine are practicing Christians.


Churches and taverns were some of the first public establishments built in colonial New England, where faith leaders and townspeople gathered to have religious discussions, read the Bible, and listen to sermons. Churches have always been used as places of sanctuaries to receive divine guidance, find healing in difficult times, and maintain enriching relationships with the community.

There are numerous activities taking place at the church regularly where families and community members come together for baptisms, weddings, wakes, vigils, and Bible classes. The church also extends its services to a diverse range of people, including the disabled, the destitute, and people suffering from substance abuse problems. There are always interactive youth activities happening in the churches of Maine like missionary fairs, parties for Elementary kids, and community meals.

Churches also serve as a safe refuge for the marginalized communities where several volunteers and groups work to support and raise funds for the impoverished. Ministries and organizations host numerous substance abuse services and do not turn away any person that comes seeking help at their doorstep.

Being a huge religious organization, church leaders have a lot of responsibility to protect their staff and volunteers from any potential litigations and liabilities. The church is always at the risk of being exposed to accidents and hazards that could lead to expensive lawsuits and charges.

This is the reason every church must have a specialized insurance policy that provides ample protection to its leaders and the congregation. Even though there are various forms of risk management procedures that church leaders can opt for, every church must have personalized insurance policies that align perfectly with their services. However, finding the right coverage programs can be intimidating.

This is where our highly-qualified church insurance agents come in. Whether you’re a fledgling start-up or a well-established church revered by the community, getting proper insurance plans will help safeguard your church and its members from any excessive liabilities and lawsuits that can become a financial strain that is hard to recover from.

At Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, we can help you identify any risks associated with your organization and guide you line by line through every insurance policy to help you decide on the right one. Our network of A-rated church insurance providers is meticulously selected due to their stellar records. We go above and beyond for our clients and connect them to the best insurance companies in Maine at the most reasonable rates. Book a free consultation with us today to get started.

Why Does Your Ministry in Maine Require Comprehensive Church Insurance Plans?

The non-profit and religious organizations are heavily relied on by the people in Maine for spiritual healing and divine guidance. Local communities gather at these ministries to connect and host special events to celebrate. These churches are a safe haven for people who want to take a break from their quotidian duties and find solace in a beloved place of worship.


But churches in Main are also vulnerable to many calamities, including tornadoes, storms, flooding, and fires. In Maine, there is an average of two tornadoes in a year, coastal flooding, wildfires that wreak havoc, and electrical surges. Reportedly, the crime rate in this state is also estimated to be around 11.6%.

Church Property Insurance Expert

While churches are holy places, it does not make them immune to structural damages due to storms, floods, and property theft. Numerous professional and personal liabilities can happen in these houses of God, leading to excessive lawsuits.


Accidents and adverse weather conditions cause bodily injuries and other hazards to the members of the churches. A single slip and fall claim on church property can go to $20,000, which can quickly lead to bankruptcy.

Here are a few reasons why church leaders must consider an optimized insurance plan.

Protecting Church Property

Churches are always receiving a lot of charitable donations and consist of vast facilities and assets like expensive furniture, office equipment, educational props, etc. It’s important to protect church property from any thefts and cataclysmic events like storms and floods.


Maine has seen a significant amount of fires, floods, and storms that lead to irreparable property damage. Water is Maine’s primary abundant resource as well as its biggest hazard.


Several roads, bridges, and buildings get destroyed due to excessive flooding leading to the exposure of several toxic substances like asbestos, oxides, and dioxides. Dry weather conditions also ignite forest fires that travel across the stretch of land until it reaches homes and buildings, causing significant damage that can have astronomical repair costs.


Due to the overwhelming amount of fires and floods that happen in Maine, it’s essential to invest in a comprehensive church insurance plan so you have sufficient coverage when it comes to rebuilding and repairing church-owned structures after facing an unforeseen natural disaster.

Protecting the Church Community

Every church leader needs to prioritize the health and well-being of their church community members.


Accidents can happen at any place and at any time. This is why church leaders must invest in a well-suited accident insurance policy that will cover the medical costs and rehabilitation of anyone who sustains an injury during religious services.

Insuring Church’s Liability

Due to the numerous amount of grand-scale activities happening regularly at the church, various forms of injuries and accidents can happen.


It is a church leader’s responsibility to keep their grounds well-maintained, repair broken furniture, and ensure that there aren’t any slippery surfaces to prevent injuries.


Anyone who suffers a bodily injury on church grounds can sue the church for a personal injury lawsuit. The church becomes legally liable for compensating for diagnosing, treating, and then rehabilitating the person until they feel better.


But with a liability insurance policy, your church will be protected from such claims and save you from hefty lawsuits and legal fees.

Safeguarding Ministry Leaders

Since church board members are making a lot of legal and financial decisions daily, any one of them can be held personally responsible for any damage that takes place due to their sheer negligence.


Some of the potential liabilities involving church board members can include failure to manage financial records, performing transactions that risk the ministry’s tax-exempt status and using charity funds in a manner that is against the donor’s wishes.


Once church leaders properly understand the legal risks, they should consider purchasing a Directors and Officers (D & O) insurance that can protect their board members from exorbitant lawsuits.

Types of Church Insurance Coverage Plans Available for Your Church in Maine

General Liability Insurance for Churches in Maine

The general liability insurance plan is a broad insurance policy that provides basic protection for employees, church members, staff, officials, and volunteers. This insurance protects ministries against two main types of liabilities: bodily injury claims and property damage.


There is nothing more upsetting than a churchgoer getting injured on your premises. These types of claims can also cause irreparable damage to your operation’s reputation — which is prevalent when it comes to non-profits operating on a big level.

But with this coverage policy, you can safeguard your ministry from any reputational harm and defamation cases.

Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

An Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) is one of the most important aspects of protecting church assets. This policy offers coverage for situations when an employee sues the church for discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, sexual misconduct, retaliation, slander, etc.


This policy will prove to be very helpful in the reimbursement of judgments and settlements when your ministry will have to defend itself from lawsuits.

Fire Insurance

Short circuits, arson, natural disasters, and accidents are a few reasons that can lead to uncontrollable fires that destroy ministry buildings and damage church property.


Typically, churches are more prone to fire accidents because of the liberal use of candles that are lit during religious ceremonies held at the church. But a comprehensive fire insurance coverage will pay for any damages that are caused by fire, enabling you to stand strong on your feet again even after sustaining significant damages.

Auto Liability Insurance

A lot of ministries offer transportation facilities and own or rent vehicles to transport seniors and clergymen to the church.


If your church also owns and runs vehicles, opt for auto liability insurance so, in the event of any calamity or accident, your church will be paid for the damages.

As a church leader, you must also ensure proper licensing and documentation of all your drivers and vehicles to minimize any risks.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Expensive sound equipment, computer systems, and heating and cooling equipment can break down or get damaged, which then requires a lot of money for repairs and replacement.

This insurance policy will have your back in a time like that.

Umbrella Coverage

This coverage plan is an additional layer of protection for ministries and organizations in Maine. You can embellish your general liability insurance plan with an umbrella coverage policy to keep your operation safe from financial burdens that happen because of litigations.

For example, if your ministry is facing a lawsuit of $2 million, the general liability insurance plan will pay $1.5 million of it. But with the umbrella coverage policy, the rest of the $500,000 will also be paid for.

Pastors and Minister’s Liability Coverage

Churches need to protect their leaders and pastors against any litigations and liabilities that can happen during spiritual counseling and when delivering sermons.


The pastor’s and minister’s liability coverage plan proves to be very beneficial when church officials and board of directors face lawsuits or charges. This insurance plan will compensate for any losses that incur due to financial, mental, physical, and emotional damages.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

Every year, a lot of priests and church members are convicted for alleged and actual sexual misconduct cases.


But an abuse and molestation coverage plan will help the church remain protected in the event of a sexual abuse claim which involves the ministry. Ensure thorough background checks and see past records of every church member and volunteer that comes to work with youth groups, seniors, children, and other vulnerable members.

Employee Theft Insurance

Regardless of the manner of the business, employee dishonesty and theft are sadly very common in Maine.

If your employees have open access to your ministry’s finances, issue checks, and other church property, you should consider purchasing this insurance policy so your church will be compensated for any loss during theft, fraud, and embezzlement.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Ministry leaders in Maine are required by law to legally and financially protect their employees in the event of work-related injuries and pay for medical bills and rehabilitation.


Your insurance premiums will help finance benefits when your workers become ill or get injured and cover lost wages while protecting you from non-compliance lawsuits.


This includes getting comprehensive insurance that includes immigrant employees, volunteers, family members, and minors. It’s also useful to perform thorough background checks, licensing, and other details for all of your employees and contractors beforehand.


Not sure how to streamline the most optimized church property insurance plan for your organization in Maine? At Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, we make sure your safety is our number one priority. With our in-depth knowledge of the complexities and dynamics of the industry, we can help you structure an insurance plan that is best suited to your needs and financial situation.


Our church insurance agents are properly licensed and come with years of experience, and we will do our best to devise a robust insurance plan that minimizes risks and threats to your ministry.


We connect our clients to a network of A-rated church insurance providers that were carefully selected for their renowned services, comprehensive policies, and creditable work. Our tailored insurance plans offer unparalleled protection, which covers all the bases.

What Makes Our Church Insurance Agents Special?

The owner of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers isn’t just well-versed with the workings of the insurance field but is also an esteemed Young Pastor who has been working in the youth ministry for the past 19 years.


This is why we offer customized care for all of our clients and make sure to formulate effective and efficient church insurance plans for maximum protection for your church in Maine.


Church Property Insurance Expert

If you’re ready to get personalized church insurance policies, book a free consultation with our highly qualified church insurance agents today. Just fill us in with your budget plans and details, and leave the rest to us. Give us a call to ask any questions or convey your concerns regarding the church insurance claim process for our services in Maine.


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