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With more than 65% of people in Idaho having a Christian-based faith, it’s no surprise that there are so many churches across various parts of the state. Churches and other places of worship hold more than a symbolic value in society. While their primary purpose has always been to offer a place to engage in spiritual activities, where people can engage in prayer, they’re more than that. The community has always relied on churches for various communal activities, provided they maintain a certain decorum and etiquette in the environment.


Many communities have relied on the church as their grounds to conduct different events, ranging from educational events related to school and the local religious practices. 

There are numerous awareness drives as well. In other cases, churches have also been used for matrimonial ceremonies, marking the bond between two people. The church also conducts sports activities if they have a reserved area available for people of all ages to participate in healthy activities.


Churches and any house of worship bring the community together under one roof.


In conjunction with helping people heal spiritually, churches engage heavily in great social work. Many people are provided work, counsel, and often a place to temporarily reside in case of any disaster. People suffering from disabilities and mental health problems are also welcome at their local church to find acceptance and solace. Furthermore, churches also send their people on campaigns to spread the good word of the Lord.

Churches have been modernized to deal with relevant issues, with alcohol addiction, drugs, and substance abuse being a major campaign that they aim to tackle in their respective communities. These institutions are providing valuable services to the area they’re in, but all of this can take a toll on the church as well. The way the Church aims to protect, it requires protection as well. This requires a church to have an insurance program to deal with the possible pitfalls and liabilities it could face.

Regardless of the great work that the people of its community put in, churches need insurance coverage programs to help them ride out the storm in case of any issues. Unlike your average insurance program, it can be more complicated for people to find any church insurance program near them, let alone a good or relevant option. Because it’s such a specific program, not many service providers offer these options. But this doesn’t mean you have no options, especially as a member of a ministry in Idaho.

At the very least, churches require liability and property coverage, with various packages to help the involved ministry find the options that matter to them. As with any large entity, a church can suffer due to numerous liabilities, which makes it necessary to have extensive insurance packages.


At Integrity Now Insurance, you have the services of our experienced church insurance agents and brokers. Our goal is simple, to help you stay focused on regular ministry activities and other matters of the church, knowing that you have insurance from the various issues your church could be liable for. Our business is among the top church insurance agents in Idaho, being your access to numerous church insurance carriers. With our help, you’ll be covered by the church insurance companies A-Rated by AM Best.

For churches in Idaho, we’re working with the ministries involved and learning from them the various concerns they have, which has helped us specify our services to the local populace. We understand many of the general and specific liabilities and problems that can occur for the churches in the region. We do our best to guide our clients to the fullest.

Coverage Types Available for Church

With millions of people around the States heading to church every single week, there’s very little downtime for churches, and many of the problems that await them can come unannounced. They need to have insurance available at hand before disaster strikes to ensure smooth sailing in case of any issue.You have a lot of options to choose from, courtesy of our church insurance agents in Idaho, providing you with the information and resources that you need about all the coverage you can get. Some of these include:

Church Property Insurance Expert!

General Liability

Many believe that general liability coverage is something that every business needs, not just churches. For your ministry, it can provide basic protection to various players associated with it. Staff members, employees, officials, and also many people attending the church get some degree of protection. In various cases, it also extends to many activities taking place inside the church or the church grounds, providing compensation.

As previously stated, churches are engaged in so many activities, which makes it more probable that any unsavory event could occur where general liability coverage may come in handy.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Coverage

In case the church is being targeted by a nefarious party or by any member of society over some protocol, legal activities, or finances, the people that come under accusation are the Directors and Officers of the church. They’re the ones involved in many of the main administrations of the church. Unfortunately, such members’ spouses aren’t necessarily safe from such cases either, but Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Coverage protects them as well.

These forms of coverage services to the church officials can help them properly conduct their everyday dealings in an organized manner.

Auto Liability Insurance

On average, more than 200 fatalities take place in Idaho due to some automotive-related incidents. It’s an indicator that car-related issues are fairly common in the state, which makes it necessary to provide church-owned cars and privately owned vehicles relevant to the church with commercial auto insurance policies.

These are applicable for incidents that take place on church grounds as well. The costs related to rectifying many of the damages that can take place in car-related accidents can be significant, with Auto Liability Insurance being a major way of bringing down such costs.

Generally Recommended Practices

Many experts believe that it’s necessary to make some protocols and codes to ensure that issues related to money and securities do not occur. Firstly, the most opted solution is dividing responsibilities for finances among people so that one person dealing with the whole process does not get tempted by any greed or overburdened such that they make any grave mistake. Split responsibilities among people.

Try to keep donations and other valuables out of the church. The church can also consult a third-party auditor to ensure that all is going fairly. You can also benefit from working with a church insurance agent to help point out any issues.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance for Churches

Dealing with cases of abuse and molestation can be an overwhelming time for a church and all of its involved members. There are a lot of emotional setbacks, mental trauma, and stress from any reports, and the legal proceedings don’t just affect the activities of those involved with the church, but the effects cascade into the community as well. They must be dealt with properly.

Abuse and molestation insurance can help provide some security to the church and its involved ministers and employees. People working with vulnerable parties, such as children or youth groups, should go through routine background checks before getting approval to work with minors and other vulnerable groups.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance

An Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) is necessary for many of the issues that can take place in a professional capacity, and such cases also apply to the church. While EPLI can apply to many aspects, some of the noteworthy liabilities that it covers include discrimination, sexual misconduct, libel, and slander, among others.

Any of the aforementioned liabilities can lead to various kinds of strains on the church and the involved members, making it necessary that EPLI can help deal with what damages it can cover.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Churches have fairly complex and in many cases, old electrical, heating, and air conditioning systems. It’s not easy to put church activities on hold to update these often ancient installations or go through routine maintenance, considering how active some ministries are.

Because of this, the adverse effect is that equipment breakdown is fairly common. Having equipment breakdown insurance can deal with this problem, taking care of many of the expenses that are possible in case of any unexpected situation.

Risks & Exposures to Churches

Church Property Insurance Expert!

Property Exposure

Property is a major liability in the case of churches and other holy places of worship. It can be a major financial toll to have someone on premises at all times, which can make it vulnerable to various liabilities ranging from theft to any other form of damage. Churches don’t always immediately move valuables and donations into a safe capacity, which makes them vulnerable as well.

Because of older electrical and heating installations, they’re also susceptible to fires, electrical damage, and other issues. It’s ideal to have some countermeasures for such issues.

Workers’ Compensation Exposure

Employers in Idaho are required to offer workers’ compensation to their workers, whether they’re working full-time or part-time. Any establishment or employer with one or more employers is required to purchase workers’ compensation coverage, and the same applies to churches and their various members attending the church and performing various duties. In case any employee has an accident at work, it can come in handy to pay for the expenses.

Premises Liability Exposure

One of the most common causes of injuries is due to people falling, tripping, or slipping. The main countermeasure is to have coverage for floors, stairways, and railings and ensure that these are maintained. You can also set up backup lighting to prevent various accidents in case the lights go out.

Why Work with the Church Insurance Experts at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers?

Looking for church liability or church property insurance is a tedious process. Because of its specificity, it can be hard to find service in some states. There’s also the need to get the right policies and coverage that apply to your ministry, its affairs, and its employees, which can reduce the premiums you end up paying. This makes it essential to work with a service that can give you the right guidance.

There are dedicated services for offering insurance coverage for old, new, small, and large churches across the entire US, and our business helps you find them.

Church Property Insurance Expert!

Our church insurance agents in Idaho will work with you to learn about how your church operates and its specific details so that we’re aware of what you need. We offer full transparency to our clients so that you’re free to compare what you’re getting, how you’re getting it, and how the coverage will roll out once you need it. We prefer to keep our clients in the light at all times.

Reasons to Work with Us at Integrity Now Insurance Broker

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is owned and operated by a Youth Pastor, giving us a detailed understanding of the various ministries operating across the industry. We’ve been working in the industry for a while now, helping churches across Idaho and other parts of the country continue their great mission with coverage to help them out. We’ve got a talented team onboard to help people make the most of our church insurance program, going through the various options applicable to the churches in Idaho.


To begin the process of church insurance for your ministry, get in touch with our specialist church insurance agents! We help out all of the non-denominational and denominational churches across Idaho. We have a simple process to help you come on board, and everything is simple from then onwards. Give us a call if you still have any questions or queries about the church insurance claim process or our services in Idaho.

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