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3 Things You Can Do to Make Your Church Kid Friendly

Family is the foundation of faith, especially in church ministries. They help shape a church and bring in many new members, helping spread the word of God. Plus, the start of the new school year is an excellent time to invite more families to your church by making it kid-friendly.

Many families might love going to church on Sundays and weekdays but cannot do so because of the lack of kid-friendly church ministries. They need to make their kids feel welcome and be a part of the community to strengthen their faith and engage them in church activities. The only way to do this is with the help of the church ministry. They must make relevant changes to their church to ensure kids come and stay.

This will not only allow their parents to spend more time in the home of God but will also allow children to learn about God from an early age. However, most ministries have no idea how to transform their church and make it more kid-friendly. This is why the church insurance experts at Integrity Now Insurance have developed this guide.

This blog will highlight some ways for church leaders to make their churches more kid-friendly. Keep reading to learn more.

3 Things You Can Do to Make Your Church Kid Friendly

Thing # 1: Make the Space Safe

The first thing all parents are concerned about is their children’s safety. So, this is also the first aspect church leaders should focus on. The church should be clean, secure, and insured so that parents can bring their kids with them stress-free.

Investing in a reliable church insurance plan can take your church’s safety to the next level. Plus, the church members will also feel more at ease knowing the church they are frequently visiting is insured and safe.

You should also focus on other safety aspects like hygiene and kid-proofing the space so there are no harmful elements present in the area where the kids are playing or waiting.  

Thing #2: Address Parental Concerns

Many parents, especially newer ones, might struggle with certain aspects of being good role models and guardians. As a church leader, you can help them with those concerns by offering references from scripture.

You can arrange a Sunday service for parents or any other day once a week when they can get together and talk about parental struggles and discuss how the teachings of Christ are there to help guide them.

Thing # 3: Hire Trained Staff

Your church workers play a major role in making parents feel comfortable bringing their kids to church. This is why you must train your team, especially those working with or near the kids. This will allow parents to focus on their worship and give them peace of mind knowing their kids are in safe hands. 

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