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Mistakes Church Property Owners Make When It Comes to Burglary Risk

The Sr. Pastor and the Church Elder board may not realize that their building is a prime target for burglars. Churches are often located in less secure areas, and the building is usually open to anyone. There are also a few common mistakes churches make when it comes to burglary risk. These mistakes could cost your church quite a bit of money and could put your congregation in danger of financial loss. Learn about them in this blog.

Not Assessing Risk

Some churches are large enough that one person cannot adequately survey the entire property alone. It may be prudent in this case to appoint two or three people to assess risk, each taking a different section of the property.  These individuals should follow a checklist that identifies known items, that need to be looked at and assessed.  We also recommend conducting a walk-around without a checklist, looking for additional items that are not included.

Leaving Doors Open

Many burglaries occur when someone leaves a door open, and someone else takes advantage of it. It can be very easy for someone to slip into a church during service times and take something without anyone noticing. When leaving a door open, you should always ensure someone is watching it at all times to prevent theft or crime from happening.  Many times youth groups run throughout the church buildings and open doors that staff may not be aware of.  Ensure your staff walks the entire property, checking for unlocked and open doors.

Inadequate Lighting

Burglars like dark spaces because it makes their crimes easier to commit without getting caught by potential witnesses. Installing adequate lighting inside and outside of the church can help ward off nefarious elements and help keep employees and guests safe.  With the increase in gas theft at churches, placing your vehicles in a locked or well-lit area is more important than ever.

Not Installing Cameras

Cameras can serve as an excellent deterrent for burglars and vandals, as well as aid in identifying those who do break in or cause damage. The strategic placement of cameras outside and inside your church can help you identify criminals and prevent crime from occurring in the first place.  With the ability to be notified remotely of any movement, church staff can now more closely monitor the church’s property and notify police immediately.

Not Having an Electronic Security System

A centrally monitored electronic security system can help prevent burglaries from happening on your property and can make it easier for law enforcement officials to catch the burglars responsible for the crime. An electronic security system can also alert you if someone is on your property and making efforts to break into your building. This will give you time to call law enforcement and hold the person at bay until they arrive.  Simply displaying signs informing people your buildings are monitored may be enough to stop them in their tracks.

Not Enforcing Security Policies Strictly

When it comes to security, a lot of burglar attempts happen because people fail to enforce the policies and procedures that are in place for the safety of everyone in attendance. For example, if you have a policy against people bringing firearms into your church, members of your staff must be willing to enforce that policy. A person who isn’t willing to take action when they see firearms can put themselves and others in danger.

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