Courts side with Churches in lawsuits

COVID-19 Lawsuits Won by Churches

Over the past two years, churches have had to deal with being unfairly treated by their local government.  States have attempted to apply additional restrictions and burdens, on churches that were not placed on other businesses within their state.

Many churches have been forced to seek legal representation, to force States to stop applying additional burdens on churches.

Like many business organizations, churches attempted to file a claim with their church insurance companies, but were also denied coverage due to a common virus exclusion found in most insurance policies.  

Churches like other business organizations were left to apply for help, in order to cover payroll and operating cost.

Below are a couple of examples of recent wins for churches across the US.  We hope you find these victories to be encouraging to you.

Courts side with Churches in lawsuits

Missouri County Pays $146,750 COVID-19 Lawsuit Settlement to Church’s

A recent victory for churches involved Missouri’s Jackson County, who approved a settlement with a church that had sued over COVID-19 restrictions that it claimed discriminated against religion.

The Legislature of Jackson County, was forced to vote and approve a $146,750 payment to Abundant Life Baptist Church and their attorney Jonathan Whitehead. As part of the settlement, the county agreed any future health restrictions would not be more onerous than restrictions on secular gatherings, the Kansas City Star reported.

While we understand that States were faced with some difficult decisions, this decision over-reached on churches civil liberties.  

States are not allowed to establish stricter requirements on church gatherings, then they are applying on non-essential stores, restaurants and bars.  

Thankfully for churches, the U.S. Supreme Court has since ruled in all churches favor, that limiting the size of church gatherings, Bible studies, and prayer meetings was an unconstitutional restriction on religious rights.

As this case made it to the U.S. Supreme Court, this is great news for churches across the US as it establishes a precedent for future restrictions.  States will hopefully think twice before they attempt to apply stricter rules on churches.  

California Churches Win $2M in Legal Fees in COVID-19 Closure Lawsuits

California also lands themselves in hot water related to similar restrictions placed on two churches.  

San Diego based church known as South Bay United Pentecostal Church and Kern County Catholic priest the Rev. Trevor Burfitt separately filed lawsuits against Gov. Gavin Newson, for barring indoor religious gatherings while retail stores, restaurants, and public transit were able to operate at limited capacity, the outlet reported.

South Bay United Pentecostal Church court case moved all the way up to the US Supreme Court, where it won in February with the court finding that the state violated the First Amendment, according to the report.

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