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Churches thrive on having active communities. However, in an era of declining church memberships, many churches find it hard to retain members, let alone expand their member base. Maintaining your church operations can be challenging with a dwindling community, which is why churches should actively be putting themselves out there, trying to attract new members.

One of the most significant contributors to your church’s membership can be the avenues you use to increase membership. Today’s world is becoming increasingly digitized, which necessitates churches having an online presence to spread their mission. Moreover, finding passionate members to champion your cause can lead to an increase in membership.

We’ve prepared a list of strategies here for churches to implement to increase membership figures.

Proven Strategies to Increase Membership

Several proven strategies already exist, which can help increase your church membership. These include:

Establish a Digital Presence

Establishing a digital presence is vital to ensuring that your church membership grows. Many church staff are often intimidated by social media platforms or feel having an online presence isn’t congruent to the church’s mission. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Having a digital presence today allows prospective members the ability to assess your church online without ever setting foot on your church property. You need to develop a website for your church. We recommend registering a domain name immediately. Creating social media accounts is also helpful because not only does it allow prospective members to find out about your church, but it also serves existing members by providing them a platform to communicate with you. Moreover, digital media grants you the capability to directly address your membership, thereby increasing the opportunity for community engagement. Using digital media wisely can propel your membership.

Welcome New Parishioners Weekly

Another way to increase membership is by acknowledging the people who sign up to join your church. People often attend churches irregularly, but those who come to your church and become active members deserve recognition.

Hold weekly sessions after church service to welcome new parishioners by having existing members embrace them with open arms. Help these new members settle into your church’s community.

Focus on Inter-Church Activities

One excellent way of getting new members to sign up is by creating inter-church activities. To perform inter-church activities, you’ll need to form groups within your church. Groups can cater to different interests and activities. For instance, you could create a choir to perform for the weekly Sunday service. Similarly, you could also organize a youth sports team for your church to entice younger community members to sign up for your church.

Perform Community Work

Whether it’s minute or monumental, most people want to make a difference in their lives. Performing community work can be a fantastic way to appeal to people’s desire to serve their community. If prospective members see your church performing community work like cleaning programs or hosting food drives, they’re more likely to join. Entice people to join your cause because of the impact it has on the rest of the community. Doing community work also helps create more visibility for your church, which is never a bad thing.

Make Holidays Special

Holidays are the prime time to gain more members. Churches often see an influx in attendance during the holidays like Christmas and Easter. Ensuring that these events are special can help you entice more members to your cause. You’ll need to ensure that you market these events on social media, providing people appropriate notice. Holiday service is also a good time for you to showcase your church’s talents. Have your choir at the forefront singing to members, and you’ll likely see a rise in your membership.

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Dealing with An Expanding Membership

As your church continues to grow, you’ll have to provide more services like transport and after-service programs. Opening up your church for these services and events can leave it susceptible to liability claims, which is why having church insurance is essential. Consider acquiring church property insurance from a reliable church insurance agent.

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a church insurance company providing your church with church liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and other services. We can assist you in safeguarding your church’s interests from any outside harm with our comprehensive church insurance coverage policies.

Get in touch with us today to ensure nothing can impede your church’s growth and progress.

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