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Insurance for Humane Societies Pets: Animal Shelter Insurance Covering Animal Rescue and Animal Welfare Organizations

General liability animal rescue insurance

Nonprofit organizations are critical to the health and well-being of our society. They provide essential services such as education, healthcare, affordable housing, and more for pets in need.

Unfortunately, nonprofit organizations can also face financial challenges. These challenges can include insufficient donations from members or donors, costly lawsuits or audits, and high employee and volunteer turnover rates.

In this article series, we will explore different options for insurance for nonprofit organizations. We will cover topics such as property/casualty insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and umbrella insurance.

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What are the Best Animal Shelter Buiness Insurance Options for Humane Societies?

General Liability Animal Rescue Insurance


General liability insurance is a type of insurance that helps cover expenses in the event that your business causes injury or damage to another person or property. 

This coverage can be important for humane societies, as it can help cover the costs of medical bills for customers if something goes wrong. General liability insurance can also help protect against third-party property damage, reputational harm, and advertising injury.

Best Animal Shelter Business Insurance Options for Humane Societies

Animal Bailee Coverage

Animal bailee coverage is designed to protect businesses that temporarily take possession of other people’s pets. This coverage can help protect your business if an animal in your care suffers an injury, passes away, or disappears.

For example, if a dog becomes injured while under your care, animal bailee insurance would cover the damages. This type of insurance provides financial stability in the event of an emergency and can help you take action if an animal is hurt or killed while on your property.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Animal Rescue Organizations

Workers’ compensation insurance is a type of insurance that provides protection for animal shelters from work-related injuries. It also covers medical expenses and lost wages for employees, as well as lawsuits related to employee injuries.

Workers’ compensation insurance can help humane societies in a few different ways. First, it can help cover the costs of medical care for employees who are injured while working. Second, it can provide temporary disability benefits to employees who are unable to work due to their injury. Finally, it can help with the costs of lawsuits related to employee injuries.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Animal Welfare Organizations

Commercial auto insurance is a type of insurance that can help protect a humane society from accidents and liability. Coverage can include collision, comprehensive, and rental or towing coverage. 

This insurance can help protect society from personal injury or property damage. Hired and non-owned auto liability insurance can provide coverage for your employees or volunteers while they are driving for business purposes.

Directors and Officer Liability Insurance for Animal Shelter Organizations

Directors and Officers Insurance is designed to protect the board of directors of a company from lawsuits that may arise from their decisions and actions while in office. This type of insurance can help cover the legal costs associated with defending against these lawsuits, as well as any damages that may be awarded if the board members are found liable.

For a humane society, this type of insurance can be vital in protecting against any legal action that may be taken by someone who is unhappy with a decision the board has made, such as euthanizing an animal.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance

Employment practice liability insurance (EPLI) can help humane societies protect themselves from lawsuits filed by employees. EPLI provides coverage for a variety of claims, including sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and wrongful discipline.

EPLI can help humane societies protect themselves from lawsuits filed by employees who have suffered losses as a result of the actions of their employer.

Umbrella Liability Coverage for Non-profit Organizations and Rescue Groups

Umbrella insurance provides protection in the event of catastrophic losses. This type of policy can cover a variety of risks, such as business auto accidents, commercial general liability accidents, and watercraft and aircraft accidents. 

Umbrella insurance policies are typically written over other primary liability policies, such as the BAP, CGL policy, etc. Umbrella insurance provides extra coverage in case your other policies run out of money. It can also protect you from certain types of claims which aren’t covered by your other policies.

Overall, umbrella insurance can benefit a humane society by providing financial protection in the event of a catastrophic loss.

Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is a type of health insurance that offers coverage to employees or members of a group. Group health insurance can offer more affordable coverage than individual health insurance, and it can be more beneficial to humane societies as a whole since it offers uniform coverage for all employees.

Group health insurance plans are usually cheaper for participants than individual plans as the employer is contributing towards the monthly insurance premiums.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing Insurance For Your Humane Society?

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The Type of Insurance your Humane Society Needs

When choosing insurance for your humane society, you should consider the different types of risks that the organization faces. The most common types of insurance that shelters need include animal rescue insurance, property damage, and liability.

Shelter pet insurance offers protection in the event of a disaster or lawsuit. This type of specialty insurance coverage can include general liability, professional liability, and directors & officers insurance for animal rescue groups. It is important to make sure your nonprofit animal organization has the right types of insurance in place to protect it from potential disaster or legal issues.

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a company that specializes in working with humane societies and can provide the right insurance coverage for your budget.

The Size of Your Humane Society

The size of your humane society will affect the type of insurance you need. The amount of insurance you need will depend on your humane society’s annual revenue, payroll, and property size.

The Budget for Your Humane Society's Insurance

There are a few things to consider when budgeting for your humane society’s insurance. Your leadership should consult with an insurance agent who specializes in nonprofit insurance.


It’s important to have an agent who is fully involved in the decision-making process and can answer any questions you may have. Your agent will help you purchase a policy that is right for you and your organization.


Make sure the policy covers everything you need it to, but also be mindful of what you can afford.

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers can help identify the necessary insurance policies and make sure you’re covered until you can afford to buy them all.

The Location of Your Humane Society

The location of your humane society can affect your insurance needs. Weather conditions, wildfire hazards, flooding, wind, and earthquake exposures can all increase the overall cost of insurance. Consider an insurance package policy to help keep your costs down.

The Animal Breeds Your Humane Society Care For

When choosing insurance for your humane society, you should consider the type of animals the shelter works with. Animal shelters typically work with a variety of different animals, which can lead to increased insurance costs for the organization.


Therefore, it is important to consider the types of animals the shelter rescues when choosing a comprehensive insurance program for the humane society.

The Experience of Your Humane Society's Staff

The experience of your humane society’s staff members can help you choose the right insurance. Staff with 10 or more years of experience in managing an organization can receive discounts on their insurance rates.


Staff who have experience in nonprofit organizations may be eligible for discounts on their insurance rates. This can help you save money on your premiums, and it can also ensure that you’re getting the coverage that you need for your animal shelter and rescue organization.

Number of Insurance Claims Your Organization Has Filed

Nonprofit animal welfare organizations that have filed an insurance claim in the past 5 years, will not look as favorable to an insurance company. To obtain the most competitive nonprofit insurance quotes it is best to have no claims history.

The Reputation of Your Humane Society Matters

The reputation of your humane society can help you choose the right insurance. Insurance companies often review customer reviews to assess risk. If your humane society has a good reputation with your customers, this can help the insurance company feel more comfortable with insuring your organization.


Good Yelp reviews can also help the insurance company identify risks they may not want to consider.

The Resources and Facilities of Your Humane Society

The types of resources are provided and do your humane society provide clean facilities that are regularly maintained? The animal conditions should be good and acceptable to underwrite, and there should be a high public interest in visiting the facility.


These factors will help one of our licensed insurance agents to provide a customized insurance program for your humane society.

The Number of Animals Your Humane Society Has

The number of animals your humane society has will affect the type of insurance you need. More animals equal more liability exposure for the humane society and more foot traffic which equals more business.

The Number of Volunteers Your Humane Society Has

If you’re running a humane society, the number of volunteers can have an impact on your insurance premiums. Your insurance premiums may be lower if you have a lot of volunteers because it shows that you are taking steps to reduce your liability and that you are well-established in our community.

The Number of Donors Your Humane Society Has

The number of donors your humane society has is a key factor that insurers take into account when making decisions about coverage. A high number of donors indicates stability and security to insurers, which makes them more likely to offer competitive rates and favorable terms.


If your humane society has a large number of donors, be sure to use this to your advantage when shopping for insurance.

The Number of Adoptions Your Humane Society Has

A high number of adoptions may be indicative of a large and active operation, which could mean higher insurance costs. Conversely, a lower number of adoptions could indicate a smaller operation, which might mean lower insurance costs.


Ultimately, the right insurance for your humane society will depend on a variety of factors, including the size and activity level of the organization.

The Number of Animals Your Humane Society Has Spayed/Neutered

The number of animals your humane society has spayed/neutered can help you get a better insurance rate. This is because having a high number of spayed/neutered animals shows that your humane society is committed to animal welfare.


This, in turn, gives insurers a better idea of your policies and procedures regarding animal care. As a result, you may be able to get a lower insurance rate.

How Can You Get The Best Rates On Insurance For Your Humane Society?

Work with Nonprofit Insurance Brokers

Working with a nonprofit insurance broker can help you get the best rates on insurance for your humane society. Nonprofit insurance brokers offer affordable rates for animal rescues and shelters. They also have experience in insuring non-profit organizations.


This means they can provide you with an insurance quote that is tailored to your needs. And because they work for you, not your insurance company, they always have your best interests in mind.

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Review Provided Insurance Quotes and Compare Coverages and Pricing

When you are looking for insurance for your humane society, it is important to compare quotes from multiple companies. This will help you find the best coverage at the most affordable price.

When you are comparing quotes, be sure to look at the coverages and deductibles that are included. You should also ask about any discounts that may be available. Once you have found the best policy for your organization, be sure to read through the entire policy so that you understand what is covered.


Review Nonprofit Insurance Company AM Best Rating

A company’s AM Best rating is a good indicator of its financial strength, and companies with higher ratings are typically able to offer better rates on insurance. To get the best rates on insurance, it is recommended that you review a company’s AM Best rating before making any decisions.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Insuring Their Humane Society?

General liability animal rescue insurance

Animal Bite Exclusions Included Within the Liability Policy

Animal bite exclusions are clauses in liability policies that exclude coverage for damages caused by bites from specified animals. Policyholders need to obtain a liability policy that does not include this exclusion as it protects the policyholder from potential lawsuits resulting from animal bites.


It is important to find out if there is an animal liability exclusion in your policy as soon as possible. If you wait until after you have been bitten by an animal, it may be too late to add the exclusion to your policy.

Inadequate Property Insurance Coverage

Commercial property insurance should cover the cost of rebuilding your building and replacing its contents in the event of a disaster. Your nonprofit may also need to purchase liability insurance, which covers you if someone is injured on your property or if you are sued for damages.


Property insurance may also cover business interruption coverage. In order to cover your humane society’s property, you should have adequate property insurance coverage that reflects the types of accidents and lawsuits that are most likely to occur at your facility.


Focusing on the Insurance Premium Only

Focusing on the insurance premium is a mistake. Coverage included or not included should be a higher priority for nonprofit organizations.


Insured with an Insurance Company that does Not Specialize in Nonprofits

There are less than 20 insurance companies that specialize in writing policies for nonprofits, and even fewer that will provide coverage for animal exposures. Your nonprofit may be able to find coverage through a provider, but this coverage may not be comprehensive.


If you have questions about your nonprofit’s insurance policy, you should consult with a specialist or an insurance company that specializes in nonprofits such as Integrity Now Insurance Brokers.


Not Using an Insurance Broker that Specializes in Nonprofit Insurance Coverage

When it comes to insuring your humane society, using an insurance broker that specializes in nonprofit insurance coverage can save you both money and time. Most insurance agents will gladly write insurance for your humane society, but they may not be the best option for the organization.


The agent may place the humane society with any carrier they can find, which may not be the best option for the organization.


Using an insurance broker that specializes in nonprofit insurance coverage can help ensure that your humane society is getting the best possible coverage at the most affordable rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Humane Society?

A humane society is a group that works to stop cruelty to animals. They may provide care and shelter for animals who have been abandoned, abused, or lost. They also work to prevent cruelty to animals by educating the public and working to change animal welfare laws.


What is the Best Insurance for a Humane Society?

There is no definitive answer to this question. The best insurance for a humane society will vary depending on the specific needs of the organization.

Nonprofit insurance companies specialize in providing coverage for organizations such as humane societies, and working with an insurance broker who specializes in this industry can help you get the best possible rates and coverage.

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How to Start a Dog Shelter Business?

Starting a dog shelter business can be a rewarding and challenging endeavor. There are many things to consider when starting such a business, from the initial cost of setting up the shelter to the ongoing costs of running it.

It is important to do your research and create a detailed business plan before moving forward. Once you have a solid plan in place, you will need to find a suitable location for your shelter and obtain the necessary licenses and permits.

Next, you will need to contact an insurance broker whose focus is helping businesses related to dog-related exposures.

Once your shelter is up and running, you will need to promote it to potential adopters and work with local rescues and shelters to help place dogs in need.

What are the 501c3 Animal Rescue Requirements?

There are a few 501c3 animal rescue requirements that must be met in order to be considered a 501c3. The first is that the organization must be set up as a non-profit corporation. Secondly, the organization must have a board of directors. Lastly, the organization must have a mission statement and purpose that is related to rescuing animals.

Who are the Best Animal Rights Organizations

There are many great animal rights organizations out there, each with its own focus and areas of expertise.

Some of the best include the Humane Society of the United States, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

These organizations work tirelessly to protect animals from abuse and exploitation and fight for their rights both in the United States and around the world. They are all great organizations to support if you care about animal welfare.

What are the Different Types of Insurance for a Humane Society?

Animal rescue organizations should have insurance to protect themselves from financial liability in the event that they are sued or held responsible for an animal’s injury. 

There are several types of animal rescue insurance, including general liability, professional liability, directors and officers insurance, special event insurance, business owner’s policy, worker’s compensation insurance, umbrella insurance, and property insurance.

Each type of policy covers different risks associated with running an animal rescue organization.

Contact our nonprofit insurance agency today for help with your Humane Society insurance policy.

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There are only a few Nonprofit insurance brokers that specialize in Humane Society insurance. Integrity Now Insurance Brokers has the needed insurance companies that offer this needed insurance.

Just like Social services professionals are hard to find the same rings true with insurance agents who can truly help obtain the needed insurance protection.

As a specialty human services agency we will help protect your organization and customize your plan with an insurance product that is tailored to your social service organization.

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What Makes Integrity Now Insurance Brokers Special?

Our customized care! Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is owned by a Youth Pastor with ample experience serving as an insurance agent. He works with a qualified team to structure the most effective nonprofit and church insurance programs that offer comprehensive protection for your nonprofit organization.

If you’re ready to optimize your humane society insurance, get in touch with our nonprofit insurance agents and specialist church insurance agents right away! We help all nonprofits throughout the United States. Just provide us with your details and budget, and let us come up with foolproof customized solutions at some of the most affordable rates you’ll find. Give us a call to discuss any questions or concerns regarding the church insurance claim process or our services in California.

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