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Rhode Island, famous for its Victorian homes, picturesque sunsets, historic charm, and small sights of splendor, is full of people who have a profound love for the house of worship. This state doesn’t just serve as a safe refuge for people but is the epicenter of spirituality.

Apart from their mesmerizing industrial buildings and scenic vistas, the people of Rhode Island are dedicated servants of God and are committed to serving their community no matter what.

75% of the total population of Rhode Island is a practicing Christian, their evangelical commitment dating back to the 1800s. Today, you’re more than likely to find several Victorian gothic-style churches that exude grandeur and charm.

Being a huge religious organization, the church hosts various forms of events and activities daily. This is the reason they are always at risk of being exposed to many hazards and accidents that could lead to lawsuits and legal charges. Church leaders are also heavily relied on for protecting their congregation and church members from potential liability claims and litigations. This is why the church requires a specialized insurance policy to help keep it protected in the face of any calamity.

Being a beloved place of worship, the church also extends its services to a diverse group of people ranging from the disabled to the destitute, the marginalized community, and people battling substance abuse problems. Many churches also rent their spaces and facilities to the local community for hosting weddings, baptisms, Bible classes, wakes, vigils, community meals, and seminars. There are several youth outreach programs like missionary fairs and school parties for elementary kids.

These churches are more than just behemoth structures since they are a haven for people seeking mental and emotional support and the impoverished. These ministries raise funds and awareness in Rhode Island and host numerous substance abuse and mental health services, and do not exclude any person when it comes to giving to the community.

Due to the number of activities and services held in the church, every church leader must take every precautionary measure possible to ensure their employees and volunteers are protected at all costs.

This is why experienced church insurance agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers are here to help. Our church insurance agents are 100% committed to protecting your religious organization with well-planned insurance policies that offer comprehensive coverage and minimize risks at the most cost-effective rates. With our access to numerous premium church insurance agencies in Rhode Island, we ensure your ministry and the congregation receives maximum protection from any potential liability claims and litigations. Our customized care features tailored insurance policies that will perfectly suit your business and operation.

The church is exposed to several personal and professional liabilities such as fires, burglaries, floods, accidents, vandalism, and adverse weather conditions. But with our well-thought-out insurance plans, your religious organization is in safe hands. Our experienced independent insurance agents will ensure you’re equipped with effective church insurance policies at competitive rates.

Why Does Your Ministry in Rhode Island Need Optimized Insurance Policies?

Every church or ministry, whether it’s big or small, is always in dire need of a specialized insurance policy that provides it with maximized protection along with other additional benefits that come with an insurance policy. The church is always at risk of imminent accidents, fires, and damages.

Churches have a lot of legal responsibilities that involve tax issues, intellectual property, real estate, and employment. Their operation involves several stakeholders like national affiliates, church members, and other contributors that the church accounts for. But due to a tight budget and inadequate resources, church leaders often overlook proper risk management plans.

Here are some reasons why churches in Rhode Island should consider investing in a reliable insurance plan.

Church Property Insurance Expert

Protecting Church Property

Churches and nonprofits hold several assets, own multiple buildings, and even provide residence for pastors and church board members. Churches also receive numerous charitable donations and have expensive stained glass windows and equipment that cost thousands of dollars.

A comprehensive church property insurance policy will safeguard church assets from any mishaps like burglary, theft, vandalism, and other accidents. Earthquakes, fires, storms, and blizzards are fairly common in Rhode Island, and they can cause a significant amount of structural damage in the state.

Repair and rebuilding costs for church-owned structures can be astronomical. But with a proper coverage plan, your ministry will never have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses and other hefty liability claims.  

Protecting the Church Community

Spiritual leaders in the church aren’t just responsible for providing their church member’s spiritual direction but also need to ensure maximized protection for the congregation with well-rounded insurance policies.

Regular events like missionary school fairs, bake sales, band practice, and bible studies happen daily at the church. Purchasing an appropriate church liability insurance policy will protect your ministry and every churchgoer’s safety.

In the case of an accident, a liability insurance policy will also cover any medical treatment and rehabilitation bills for anyone who sustains bodily injuries during a religious service.

Church Liability Insurance

The church liability insurance policy offers coverage for any damages that others accuse the church of.

The church is susceptible to many alleged and actual litigations and liabilities, and a single personal injury lawsuit can cost more than $75,000.

This is where the church liability policy will prove to be useful and save your operation from any exorbitant legal charges, defamation, and reputational harm.

Ensuring Protection for Church Leaders

Church board members and ministry leaders can be held liable for any negligence in the financial and administrative decisions that they make or any damages that take place due to their actions.

Liability claims due to losing track of the financial records, breaking their fiduciary obligations to the church, and putting the church’s tax-exempt status at risk can result in hefty lawsuits that can become a huge financial burden on the church.

But a Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance policy will shield church leaders and board members from any excessive legal fees and provide funds for a lawyer to defend them in court.

Different Types of Coverage Plans Available for Ministries in Rhode Island

Church Property Insurance Expert

Since hundreds of people rely on churches to provide them with divine guidance and spiritual ablution, church leaders must protect their people who give them credence for finding life solutions.

A robust church insurance plan is a must-have for ministries to shield them from any liability claims that could quickly lead the church to bankruptcy. Here are some different types of ministry insurance plans that you should consider signing up for.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a broad range coverage plan that covers almost every aspect of a religious organization. This comprehensive coverage plan protects the church against civil liability for property damage and bodily injuries from employees, customers, or volunteers.

The general liability policy will also protect the church by paying for any settlements and judgments, including lawyers’ and expert witnesses’ fees, post-judgment interest, and appeal bond premiums, and protect your organization from libel and slander claims.

With this policy, you will also be provided with reasonable medical, dental, and surgical expenses in case anyone suffers any mental and emotional anguish and physical injuries.

The general liability policy is also called a broad form policy because of the breadth of coverage that it provides. You can expand this coverage plan to address other church-related vulnerabilities like pastoral counseling liability, cemetery liability, teacher’s liability, and sexual misconduct liability.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

The worker’s compensation insurance plan is a state-regulated program that is mandated for church leaders in Rhode Island. This insurance policy provides coverage for any medical treatment bills and lost wages due to work-related injuries and protects all of the employees from any hefty lawsuits.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Since churches in Rhode Island also provide transportation facilities to pastors, seniors, minors, and other regular churchgoers, it’s crucial for church leaders to invest in an adequate commercial auto insurance policy.

This coverage plan will safeguard all church-owned and rental vehicles from any damages that happen due to accidents, collisions, floods, vandalism, and break-ins.

Pastoral Counseling Insurance Coverage

The pastoral counseling policy will provide adequate coverage for ordained clergy, especially those who provide religious counseling, for any claims of physical, emotional, or mental injury attributable to the priest’s omissions, errors, or services during counseling.

If the priests at your organization also provide counseling sessions other than those of a spiritual or religious nature (like psychological counseling), they need to purchase a separate professional liability policy to get coverage for the psychological aspects of their services.


Employee Theft Insurance

The employee theft insurance plan will provide coverage whenever there is a case of fraud, theft, or embezzlement where your ministry’s employees are involved.

Officers, Directors, and Trustees Coverage Policy

Due to the numerous amount of risks surrounding the administrative and financial decisions of the church, every church leader must ensure that they purchase officers, directors, and trustees’ coverage policy. This policy will minimize all the risks and vulnerabilities that ministry leaders and church board members are exposed to.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

The umbrella insurance coverage plan is a reliable endorsement that many experienced church insurance agents recommend their clients to add to their base insurance policy. This secondary coverage plan will provide your organization with extra protection in the case of an excessive liability claim.

The umbrella insurance coverage is very useful when your base insurance plan reaches its limit in a lawsuit. For example, if your ministry is being sued for $400,000, and the general liability policy is topping at $300,000, the umbrella insurance will cover the shortfall of $100,000.

Other coverage this policy provides includes coverage for church-owned vehicles, protection for pastors, and any property damage to neighboring buildings from a church-related accident.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage

This coverage plan protects pastors and church members from any alleged and actual threats or claims of sexual misconduct. With this coverage policy, your church will be provided with comprehensive coverage for any damages, bodily injuries, and personal and advertising injuries because of abuse and molestation.

Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

The EPLI policy will protect your ministry from any claims that emerge from malpractices related to church employees.

Any church employee can accuse the church of age and gender discrimination, harassment, retaliation, slander, wrongful termination, and negligence.

This insurance policy will protect your operation from any claims of inappropriate workplace conduct, failure to promote, invasion of privacy, and defamation.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Many churches provide online sermons after the pandemic and need to stay connected to their church members through computer systems. If you have any expensive sound systems, electrical systems, heating and cooling systems, or any other equipment on church premises, you will require an appropriate equipment breakdown policy.

This policy will help reimburse the church for any repair and replacement costs in case your church-owned equipment gets damaged due to a fire, flood, or any other reason.

Church leaders should also consider getting proper protection against cybercrimes if they deal with sensitive and personal information of their staff and clergy.

Fire Insurance

Churches use a lot of candles during vigils and other religious ceremonies and are prone to fire accidents. A fire insurance policy will provide the church with ample coverage for any structural damages to church-owned structures due to a fire.

Why Choose the Church Insurance Agents at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers?

The owner of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers has been a dedicated member of the youth ministry for the past 19 years and was also a former Young Pastor. This is why we make sure to go above and beyond for ministry leaders and all religious organizations in Rhode Island to provide them with specialized insurance plans that serve all their interests.


Our certified church insurance agents are working round the clock and will work with you step by step to sign up for sturdy insurance plans at the most competitive rates.

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Get in touch with us today to find efficient church insurance policies and get customized care that will meet all of your ministry’s needs and requirements. We will work with you to represent your needs and interests to A-rated church insurance agencies and provide you with comprehensive coverage in no time.


Give us a call to discuss the budget and your details, and leave the rest to us!

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