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While the main function of churches and houses of worship is to provide a peaceful place for people to engage in prayer and religious service, these places extend into an area of communion. Families come together to engage in various activities, school events, community awareness drives, educational events, weddings, sports, and recreational events all taking place within churches and other places of worship.They’re an integral part of any area, and beyond being a building, they’re a binding force for everyone.


Beyond a place for religious healing, they also offer healing for those with emotional and mental issues, the disabled and destitute with food, 

counseling, work, and temporary shelter from the outside. Churches often run missionary trips within the country or to other parts of the world, along with various services for drug, alcohol, and substance abuse victims taking refuge.


Churches provide a lot to people and therefore require an adequate amount of maintenance, protection, and coverage. Beyond just the good people doing their honest work to keep the church and other places of worship in good shape, various forms of financial insurance are specific to churches and places of worship to provide them with some relief. The tricky part can be finding church insurance. Considering its specificity, there aren’t many options available in the market in a particular area. But those that do provide these services are aware that there are various kinds of churches offering a variety of options depending on the kind of institution in question.


Because of the many roles that they offer to society, churches require their own form of coverage from various forms of liabilities that they’re susceptible to. Insurance companies are tailoring their services accordingly to help churches find the relevant coverages that they need, which can be diverse based on various factors local to them.


At Integrity Now Insurance, we offer you access to experienced church insurance agents and brokers that allow you peace of mind to focus on the good work you do while you’re assured that the church is covered in case of any event. We’re among the top church insurance agents in Colorado, with access to numerous church insurance carriers. With our help, you’ll be covered by thechurch insurance companies A-Rated by AM Best.


We’re aware of the various issues that can take place for a Colorado business, and many of the same exposures, problems, liabilities, and more apply to the churches operating in this beautiful state. We provide awareness to the people that decide to work with us and guide them on all their options.

Types of Liability Insurance Coverage Available for Church

More than 60 million people attend church every week. In the same way, that Americans rely on the church to give them comfort, strength, and peace, churches also require a form of insurance to protect them from any harm. There are different liabilities that churches could deal with, but luckily, our church insurance agents in Colorado will provide you with information and access to the various liability coverage packages available. Some of these include:

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General Liability Insurance For Religious Institutions

General liability coverage is a must-have for most churches. It offers basic protection packages for people attending, the church’s staff, employees, or officials of the church. In case anyone working in the church or its grounds goes through any injury, it will be covered.As people in large quantities flock to churches, every aspect related to public and safety must be taken care of.


There’s also the odd chance of any nefarious party targeting the church or any of its members, which does require some extra security measures to prevent.

Directors' and Officers'Liability Coverage

This form of coverage protects Directors and Officersin the event of any personal liability for the services to the church that they provide. This form of coverage generally isn’t always restricted to them and can extend to their spouses as well, which is helpful if they’re the one accused of any incident tied to the church.


In case of any personal involvement regarding the laws, protocols, and financial matters of the church where a director or officer may be directly sued, this form of liability coverage helpsprovide them with the protection that they need to carry on their duties without any stress.

Auto Liability Insurance

In case of any accidents occurring on the road, church premises in either a church-owned vehicle or a privately owned vehicle, a detailed commercial auto insurance policy can help in paying for the damages. Considering how commonly road accidents can take place, it’s a must-have.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance for Churches

One of the most sensitive aspects of church insurance, such cases aren’t only detrimental to those involved, but the community as a whole suffers. The goal of abuse and molestation insurance is to safeguard the rights of the church and its ministers and employees.


We recommend that those that work with any vulnerable parties, such as children or youth groups, should always have a background check done on them.

Employment Practice Liability Insurance

An Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) is helpful to protect the church when any of its current or former members decide to sue the church for any matter that takes in a professional capacity. These claims could be regarding discrimination, being wrongfully removed, anyharassment or sexual misconduct, or any form of slander against the accuser.


Such cases can lead to all kinds of financial problems, requiring funds to deal with any damages and lawsuits. Similarly, there can be other repercussions, personal and emotional, to those involved and other parties close to them.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Modern churches have fairly complicated electrical, heating, and air conditioning systems, which can go through wear and tear over time, leading to some accidents. These are vital parts and require repair, maintenance as well as timely replacement. Having equipment breakdown maintenance can reduce the extra overheads from the costly fixtures required for church proceedings.

Generally Recommended Practices

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Many of the crimes related to the church workplace are related to dishonesty, money, and securities. Any collections made by the church should be counted by two different individuals to prevent any fraud.

Deposits and disbursements need to be carried out in the same manner. Keeping any money apart from basic petty cash should not be promoted. Similarly, the church should have regular audits, ideally from a 3rd party to prevent any issues.


Having a detailed discussion with a church insurance agent can do well to figure out the particular liabilities that might apply to you.

Risks & Exposures to Churches

Property Exposure

The biggest liability above all with churches is related to property. While it’s generally recommended that clergymen or other staff members of the church attend it regularly, a church can often be unoccupied and unguarded, giving nefarious parties opportunities to attack. There can be a wide range of goods, ranging from sound systems to any instruments or other devices that may be of value to thieves. All of these are likely to be stolen due to their value which requires coverage.

Setting up precautionary measures is generally the best way such things from taking place, with equipment to put out fires and deal with basic emergencies available readily. During after-hours, there must be some security to prevent any trespassers.

Workers'Compensation Exposure

People in Colorado are subject to Workers’ compensation exposure. The church is required to purchase workers’compensation coverage for members of the clergy even if other members of the paid staff may be. In case anyone covered by workers’ compensation fails to receive the necessary compensation, they’re likely to file a lawsuit.

Anyone in the workforce, ranging from the minister to the staff can fall sick, or suffer from any workplace injury working with materials available to them.

Premises Liability Exposure 

The most common forms of injuries are due to falls, trips, and slips, which means that floors, railings, and stairways need to be clear and covered. There should be backup generators or at least a lighting apparatus in case the power goes out.

As it snows fairly heavily in Colorado, there needs to be protocols to ensure that there’s no heavy build-up of snow, especially in the parking area.

Understanding the Regulations and Limits for CO Commercial Church Property Insurance

The Colorado Division of Insurance regulates insurance in Colorado. Colorado counts as a “fault state”, because of which businesses are not legally required to have to carry liability insurance, with worker’s compensation being an exception.Despite this, the most commonly purchased form of commercial insurance in the state is still liability coverage.


The main reason for this aspect is that it’s necessary for the proper functioning of a business and prevents them and their clients from all kinds of issues that could take place and the financial ramifications that await them trying to cover the damage. These can range from bodily damage to personal injuries, property damage, advertising injuries, and more.

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If you’re running a business in Colorado andemploy an hourly or wage staff, you’re required to have workers’ compensation.

Why Work with the Church Insurance Experts at Integrity Now Insurance Broker?

Church Property Insurance Expert!

Getting reliable church liability or church property insurance is a lot harder than you might imagine. Firstly, it’s a specific service which makes it harder to find someone operating in your area. Secondly, you want someone that’s catering to your exact needs, focusing on the policies and coverage you’re most interested in.


Regardless of the size of your church or how old or new it is, there’s a church insurance program out there for your ministry and we’ll be fully on board to help you find it. It doesn’t matter if the equipment you’ve got is still rented, it can save you a lot of trouble to get insurance for it to cover your back in trying times.

Our church insurance agents in Colorado will sit you down and run you through the various options that the different church insurance companies are providing. With sound body and mind, the best decisions can be made. You’ve got the transparency on board to compare what you’re getting, how you’re getting it, and how the coverage will roll out once you need it. What else could you ask for?

Reasons to Work With Us at Integrity Now Insurance Broker

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is owned and operated by a Youth Pastor, so you can rest easy knowing that we’re fully aware of what you’ll require and go through on the regular basis. Our business has been in the industry for quite some time, helping churches become more efficient in their endeavors and well-guarded from any potential issues. We’ve got a talented team on board to create the most reliable church insurance program, helping you find a definitive solution for your coverage needs for your church in Colorado.


To get to work with us for your church insurance, reach out to our specialist church insurance agents! We work with all the non-denominational and denominational churches across Colorado. All we need from you are some of the basic details and the budget for your insurance endeavors, and you can leave it to us to find some coverage plans that fit your needs and your wallet across the state. Give us a callif you still have any questions or queries about the church insurance claim process or our services in Colorado.

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