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How Much Do Church Insurance Agents Make in Annual Salary: Insurance Salaries For Church Insurance Brokers

You’re a church insurance agent. You’ve helped your clients find the right coverage and been there when they needed to file a claim. But how much do you make in compensation?


Most church insurance agents are paid a set salary or commission-based income. A seasoned church insurance agent whose income is based on commission can make a comfortable income to support their family.


You can do a few things to increase your earnings as a church insurance agent. First, focus on selling more policies. Second, provide value-added services to your clients. And third, develop a niche insurance market that you can tap into.


By following these tips, you can earn the compensation you deserve as a church insurance agent.

How Much Do Church Insurance Agents Make In Insurance Salary?

The compensation of church insurance agents is determined by several factors, including experience, commission structure, and the number of religious institutions they serve.


New church insurance agents earn an average salary of $40,000 to $60,000 annually for this profession. Some employers will pay a fixed salary for the first year and then transition the sales agent to a commission-only model for all future years.


A religious insurance agent with five or more years of experience should have enough clients to support a six-figure income based solely on their residual commission income. Insurance agents are expected to bring in $150,000 to $500,000 in new written premiums annually.


Job seekers looking to become licensed insurance agents who want to help churches need to have the appropriate insurance licenses.  

What Kind Of Compensation Do Church Insurance Agents Receive?

Church insurance agents typically receive a base salary or commissions based on production. Top church insurance producers may also receive a performance bonus for exceeding annual new business expectations.


Commissions are based on the type of insurance policy sold and the percentage of commission received from the church insurance company. Commissions range from five percent and up to fifteen percent.


These commissions are then split with the church insurance agency based on the commission schedule established between the insurance agent and the church insurance broker. New business is paid at a higher commission split, while renewal business is paid at a lower percentage.


This helps ensure the church insurance agent continues to bring in new clients. The church insurance agency is expected to bring new and profitable business to the church insurance companies to maintain their relationship.

church insurance agent salary

Why Integrity Now Insurance Brokers Became A Church Insurance Agency

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers became a church insurance agency because we love helping churches throughout the US.  The church has leaders caring for their local community, members, and employees.


We enjoy being able to help fellow believers in Christ protect the people they care most about and provide the needed church building insurance quotes.  We are committed to establishing partnerships with churches and providing them with coverage, loss control, value, and exceptional customer service. 


As a team of experienced agents specializing in church insurance, they understand the unique needs of churches and religious organizations. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients have the protection they need, including general liability insurance, church property insurancebest workers’ compensation insurance for churches, business auto insurance, and group health insurance policy


The owner, a Youth Pastor, has been working in youth ministry for the past 19 years and understands what is involved in running a church and ministry.


By placing churches with financially strong religious insurance companies that specialize in providing insurance for churches, Integrity Now Insurance Brokers ensures that their clients are well-protected and can focus on their mission.


Why Are There So Few Church Insurance Agents?

Church insurance is a specialized field that requires a deep understanding of religious organizations’ unique needs and risks. Due to the specific coverages that churches require, many insurance agents who do not specialize in church insurance may not be equipped to provide adequate coverage.


Additionally, church insurance agents must be knowledgeable about risk management services that can help ministries stay safe and reduce losses.


The demand for church insurance agents is also relatively low compared to other types of insurance, making it a niche market. As a result, fewer agents specialize in church insurance, making it challenging to find the right agent for a ministry’s needs.

How Do I Know You Are Getting The Best Church Insurance Coverage For Your Needs?

To ensure you’re getting the best church insurance coverage for your needs, you must work with an insurance agent and company specializing in serving churches and related ministries. Look for an agent who establishes their credentials as a church insurance specialist and ask for client references.


Don’t simply favor local agents who may not understand the unique insurance needs of churches. Consider the services offered by your church, such as a food pantry or daycare, and your business property, equipment, income, and types of coverage purchased when evaluating coverage options.


Integrity Now Insurance Brokers compares quotes from different church insurance carriers with AM Best’s financially solid A-rated financial statement. We ensure an understanding of the policies, terms, and conditions, including any endorsements for mission trips and fundraisers. 


Our church insurance agents look for a property/liability package customized for churches, an automobile policy for church-owned vehicles, a workers’ compensation policy, and an umbrella/excess liability policy. We take the administrative burden away from you and find the best insurance rates for your religious institution.


How Do I Find A Reputable Church Insurance Company: Integrity Now Insurance Brokers

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a well-established independent insurance agency that provides insurance solutions for churches and religious organizations. Our team of experienced agents ensures our clients have the best insurance protection for their churches.


We have access to multiple insurance carriers that specialize in providing insurance for churches, and they ensure that the insurance company they place the church with is financially strong and has an A-Rated financial statement.


The owner is also a Youth Pastor, which gives him a unique understanding of the needs of churches and ministries. When choosing a church insurance company, working with a reputable and trustworthy agent specializing in writing insurance for churches is essential.


We ensure our church insurance agents understand the specific coverages required to protect the church and have access to multiple insurance carriers that specialize in church insurance.


Contact us today and request a small church property insurance quote today!

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