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Non-profits are the backbone of any community. They work tirelessly to make the community a better place for the people, especially the underprivileged. While non-profits support the community, volunteers are the ones who support non-profit organizations. Without the support of such selfless people, non-profit organizations would cease to exist.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of these organizations to protect their volunteers by offering them adequate insurance protection. Most organizations assume volunteers don’t need to insource coverage as they are not full-time employees. However, they are a part of your workforce and have the same rights as any other full time employee.

Moreover, all states require non-profits and churches to invest in worker’s compensation insurance. So, if you are wondering how this works for volunteers, you are in the right place. This blog will explain when nonprofits need workers’ compensation insurance for volunteers. Keep reading to explore more.

What is Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Volunteers?

Worker’s compensation covers all medical expenses, including lost wages for employees who were injured or became ill due to their work. It is a must-have insurance plan for all organizations.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Work for Volunteers?

While working in a non–profit organization, volunteers can be exposed to several risks. Whether it is a dog bite, tripping down the stairs, or something more serious, these injuries can lead to extensive medical bills. For non-profits like churches that run on tight budgets, covering these unexpected costs can be difficult.

Therefore, worker’s compensation can help them in such situations.

When Do Nonprofits Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance For Volunteers?

Non profits might need worker’s compensation for volunteers when they get injured on the job or become ill due to the working conditions. This type of insurance can cover the following expenses:

  • Immediate medical expenses, for example, an ambulance ride
  • Ongoing medical expenses, such as mental or physical therapy
  • Partially lost earnings during the time the employee is unable to perform their work duties

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, worker’s compensation insurance is necessary for all workers, especially for volunteers. You can’t ignore their right just because they are working without a contract or salary. They are the support system that keeps non-profits like churches, animal shelters, and community centers running. Thus, investing in worker’s compensation for volunteers is vital for all nonprofits.

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