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With the rising crime rate all across the country, you have to be one step ahead of all other organizations because you are dealing with children. Your alertness and quick responsiveness can save you and the people around you in case a hostile intruder enters the premises.

While adults may know how to respond or save themselves in such a situation, children don’t. Therefore, they are at higher risk, and it is up to you to ensure they’re safe and secure. However, it is impossible to do so if you have not taken precautionary measures for such a situation.

From investing in insurance to working on communication skills (more on this later), this blog will take you through some tips for encountering a hostile intruder at your childcare facility. Keep reading to discover more.

Tip # 1: Train Your Staff

The best thing you can do is train your staff and have clear guidelines of what to do and how to respond in such a situation. Every worker should know the exits to safely evacuate the facility in time. Moreover, if there are any panic rooms, your staff should be able to unlock them and know how to exit them safely.

Tip # 2: Hide or Escape

As mentioned above, the best chances of surviving are if you safely evacuate or hide in a safe room until the intruder leaves or law enforcement arrives. You can also hide behind a large object like a table or cupboard. If that is not possible, gather children and staff in a room, and lock the doors. Block the windows and doors for extra safety.

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Tip # 3: Inform the Authorities

One of the first things you should do is alert the police. The sooner the authorities get there, the higher your chance of leaving the facility safely.

Tip # 4: Communication

If you come face to face with an intruder, your communication skills are the only thing that can save you. Instead of panicking and trying to flee the scene, try to engage the intruder, so they become distracted and don’t harm the children or any other person on the premises. You should try to buy as much time as possible before the police gets there.

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