Church Insurance Protection

How Can Church Insurance Protect Me?

The need for church insurance can seem obvious for some but for others it can be viewed as simply unneeded.  Churches can go years without needing the help of a church insurance company.  They can also fear filing a claim, as they don’t want to be cancelled or deal with higher insurance premiums. 

As a church insurance agency, we talk with many pastors who ask why they should purchase or keep their church insurance coverage.  Covid-19 has only fueled this discussion as some smaller churches struggle to survive. 

It is times like these, that having church liability insurance in place becomes more important. We are seeing an increase in church insurance claims across the country, happening due to a wide number of liability issues.  The claims we are seeing are involving employee liability claims, to other claims related to injuries happening on church properties.

We often find when the first claim is filled, there is likely to be one or two more to follow.  We don’t know why the additional claims trickle in months after the first claim, but this seems to be the case more times than not.

Church Insurance Protection

Church Insurance Provides Financial Security

While a church may not be dealing with a financial loss today, tomorrow can bring new challenges their way.  Having the proper insurance in place with an insurance company who specializes in insurance for churches, is one of the first steps any organization needs to secure.  Once your insurance is secured, it is important to take the needed proactive measures to prevent losses.

Churches can face a financial loss related to their church buildings, employees, and anyone visiting their church.  Depending on the situation, these losses can put a financial strain on your annual budget.  For some small churches, having to come up with an insurance deductible to cover the loss can be difficult.

If a church obtains an insurance policy from an insurance company who does not offer all the needed insurance coverage, once a church is faced with a loss, they may be responsible for the full cost to settle.

Directors and Officers Insurance

Financial security is not only a concern for the organization but your church elder board.  The board members will want to know they have the needed insurance protection for the financial decision they make on behalf of the organization.  A directors and officers insurance policy, provides the needed financial security your board members need to protect their personal assets. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Your employees need to know they are protected in the event they become injured.  A workers’ compensation insurance policy not only takes care of the medical bills associated with the work-related injuries, but any loss of income due to not being able to work. 

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance 

Churches need to consider the possibility of their employees becoming disabled and needing additional financial security.  A short-term and long-term disability insurance policy can be invaluable for an injured employee.  If a valued employee becomes so injured, they are unable to come back to work, these policies can help replace their loss of income up to the age of 65 years old. 

Church Property Insurance

We never believe our buildings will burn down, but each year many churches face the reality of their church building turning into ashes.  This can either be related to an electrical fire, arson, or any other countless events that create a financial mess for an organization.  It is critical for your building are properly insured and are keeping up with rising inflation cost

Church insurance is a valuable tool which brings financial security to many nonprofit organizations. It is important to work with a church insurance agent who primary focus is insurance for churches.  

Reach out to us today and let us know how we can best serve you.  You can either complete our online church quote form or simply give us a call.

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