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Churches are different from most organizations, and so should the church insurance agency you work with.  

The average insurance agent, does not have the experience or knowledge of what types of insurance a church needs.

Nor do they have access to the speciality insurance companies that provide the needed coverages churches must have.

A church insurance agency, has the needed experience, knowledge of how churches work, and church insurance company access your church needs. 

Selecting the wrong insurance agent, can mean the difference between having coverage and being told you are denied coverage.

Our focus as your church insurance agent is helping your church obtain the needed coverages you require.

Church Insurance Agency

How To Find A Church Insurance Agency

There are not as many church insurance specialist as you might think.  Unlike purchasing auto and home insurance where there is an insurance agent on every corner, church insurance agents represent less than 1% of all insurance agents in America.  

Just in the state of California, there are less than 10 insurance agents who we would consider an expert in church insurance.  This means finding a church insurance agency can be rather difficult for churches.

Some of your top church insurance agencies can be found on the first page of google, just past the google ads located at the top of google.  Many of these agencies primary focus is helping churches.

While you will find church insurance companies, you will also find an independent church insurance agency located within your search parameters.  

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What Insurance Coverages Will A Church Insurance Agency Help Provide?

Like most business organizations, a church will need to obtain the standard insurance coverages.  These include the following insurance policies:

  • General Liability Insurance – Provides a broad layer of protection needed by all business entities.  This covers third party losses associated with your church operations.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance – Required by most states when a business has one or more employees.  Provides the needed insurance protection from an injured employee, to cover medical expenses and loss of income as a result of a job related injury.
  • Church Property Insurance – Covers your buildings to in the event of a fire. This includes your main church building, fellowship hall, classrooms, gyms, parsonages, business personal property, and any other church owned property.
  • Business Auto Insurance – Provides coverage in the event of a vehicle accident involving a church owned vehicle. This includes your 15 passenger van, church bus, and passenger vehicles owned by the church.

Speciality insurance coverage for churches

  • Pastoral Counseling Coverage – Provides professional liability coverage for pastors when providing spiritual counseling to their members.  Coverage is typically included under the church liability insurance coverage.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance – Provides financial protection for the churches board members, for the financial decision they make on behalf of their church members.
  • Abuse & Molestation Coverage – Provides financial protection for churches who receive an abuse allegation, involving a incidents related to the church.
  • Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) – Protects the church related to allegations from employees claiming an employment related issue.  This includes wrongful termination, discrimination claims, and more.
  • Religious Belief Insurance Coverage – Provides financial protection for long held religious beliefs held by a church.

While this is not an exhaustive list of insurance for churches, these are many of the most common types of church insurance coverages.  It is important the church insurance agency, is fully aware of all church operational exposures. This will enable your insurance agent to make the proper recommendations and provide the needed coverages for your new insurance policy.

Church Insurance Agency: Insurance Company Obligations

Independent church insurance agencies, are responsible to quickly identifying churches who meet specific underwriting guidelines.  

This is their primary obligation of a insurance agency, to the church property insurance companies they represent.  

The church insurance brokers primary obligation is to their clients they represent.  Sometimes this can be confusing for clients as we talk about the insurance company we are recommending for them.

As agents we are asking and reviewing information quickly.  Through what is called field underwriting, we identify which insurance company we believe will be the best fit.  

This can make clients believe an agent only represents one company or even is one of their employees.

This is the furthest thing from the truth.  The reality is we are experts in this industry and we know which church insurance companies are priced accordingly.

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Best In Class Church Insurance Agency

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is passionate about helping churches with their insurance needs.  

Most churches across the United States start out with church liability insurance and as they grow, will add on church building insurance to their existing coverage.

It is important to have all of the needed church insurance coverage, to properly protection your nonprofit organization.

We are here to help your church obtain the coverages you need to protect yourself from financial losses.  

We service the entire United States, please give us a call and let us review your current church insurance program, or help you establish your first insurance policy.

Church Insurance Agent Kevin Edwards

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