General Liability Insurance for Large religious property

What Damages Are Covered by A Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy?

Commercial general liability insurance is the most common type of policy purchased by churches, religious institutes, and several other nonprofit organizations. It covers a variety of damages and is often used in conjunction with a reliable umbrella insurance policy for small to mid-tier organizations. The administration of a church can perform their duties with more confidence if a church insurance policy insures their religious organization. Here are some of the claims that are covered by commercial general liability insurance.

1. Property Claims

A commercial general liability insurance policy insures all the architectural aspects of church property. In case of any damage, the church insurance company will compensate the management for repairing or replacing the church building and business personal property. The property’s walls, roof, bathrooms, kitchen, and other areas are secured under this policy.  These policies that include property coverage under general liability insurance coverage are commercial package insurance policies.  This is because they include 2 or more layers of insurance policies within a single church package policy.  This is advantageous to churches, as deep discounts typically include coverages.

2. Injury Liability

Churches with a large number of visitors often experience accidents. If a church staff member or a visitor gets injured on the church property, the commercial general liability insurance policy will cover the incident. In case of a lawsuit, the insurance provider will pay for covered damages related to an injury. The church liability insurance company will also pay for the medical treatment for injuries incurred on the property.  Employees are typically excluded from the church liability insurance, as they are covered by the churches workers’ compensation insurance policy.

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3. Copyright Claims

Copyright infringement involves the unauthorized use of patented music, literature, logos, or slogans. These types of lawsuits can drain the financial resources of any religious organization. If a church accidentally commits a copyrighting mistake, its commercial general liability insurance policy may protect it from financial repercussions.  Churches need to obtain the needed permissions when publishing copyright-protected materials without the required permissions.  Another common area where churches violate this law is movie nights.  Most movies are copyright-protected and require organizations to pay an additional fee when a group of people comes together in a public setting.

4. Cost of a Legal Battle

Lawsuits against churches have become very common around the United States. Most religious establishments cannot afford to pay for the legal fees involved in these proceedings. Some have to close down the church and sell the real estate property to pay for the damages, while many sell church belongings such as vehicles to compensate.  This often happens due to churches running into financial difficulties, leading to their insurance policy being canceled for the lack of payment. Due to the lack of coverage in place, the church is now 100% reliable when a claim happens.

If a church administration has to go to court as a defendant, their commercial general liability insurance provider will afford all the expenses during this process.  Churches need to have the needed insurance coverage in place from a church property insurance company that is well-known for taking care of the churches they insure.

Integrity Now Insurance offers a wide range of property and liability insurance plans to churches around the US. The ministry insurance coverages include products that can be customized according to the needs of each client and provide dependable coverage in the case of any legal complications. We would love to be your church insurance brokers when you are looking for insurance for churches.  Please pick up the phone and Request for a quote today and make your religious ministry safe from lawsuits.

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