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To keep your church property safe from criminal activity, you need to prepare in advance. The administration must put checks to reduce the chances of intrusions and breaches. The more prepared a church is, the lower its property insurance premium will be. Church insurance companies evaluate the security mechanisms within an establishment by conducting a loss control inspection. These inspections highlight any security risks on the church property and suggest ways of improvement. Churches should not skip this crucial step, or they may have to face many property and liability claims in the future. Here is the complete loss control inspection checklist followed by most California church building insurance companies.

1. Fire Hazard Checks

This inspection evaluates the conditions of air conditioners, ventilation, and heating systems within the church. The electrical systems and other combustible materials are also checked for fire safety. The inspector makes sure there are flame retardant supplies available to put out unexpected fires around the property.  Church property insurance companies require bi-annual electrical inspections to be completed by licensed electrical contractors.

2. Property Security

The entrance, exits, security locks, and general property maintenance are checked in this step. It prevents any unauthorized personnel from entering the property and jeopardizing the safety of church staff and visitors.  Church staff should complete a monthly property security check to evaluate any corrective actions that require your attention.  Request for a property inspection checklist from one of our church property insurance brokers, to use on your next monthly property inspection.

3. Weather-Related Maintenance

The inspector checks how the church can be shielded in rain, snow, or winter storms. Due to the cold climates, these inspections are more detailed for church property insurance clients in Arizona.  Weather related maintenance can include new paint, rain gutter cleaning, de-icing church properties, and winterizing plumbing pipes.  Don’t forget to have a roof inspection, to verify if your churches roof can provide the needed protection.

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4. Employee Management

This step scrutinizes the hiring process of the church and ways of employee management. The church practices should be approved by the state’s law to gain acceptance by the church insurance company.  Conducting referral and background checks on new hires, should be included as part of your normal hiring processes.  This is especially true for your employees who work around kids.  A simple phone call, can help your church uncover any concerns people may have with your new prospective employee.  We also recommend calling their pastor and prior employer, checking in with them on any concerns they may have observed.

5. Infant Safety

Churches with a nursery have to undergo another procedure during the loss control inspection. The insurance officers make sure that the premise is safe for infants and satisfies their basic needs.  It is important to make sure your electrical outlets have the needed covers to prevent shock.  Churches are well known for collecting other members toys without knowing it, as part of your regular checks confirm no new choke hazards exist.  It is also important that all toys are cleaned weekly, as babies will put them into their mouths and can spread illnesses.

6. Moisture Damage

A loss control inspector also looks for possible signs of moisture damage that may be linked to architectural flaws, roof, or plumbing issues. Church administration is advised to rectify these problems before inviting visitors and additional staff.  It is critical for churches to maintain their church property, as insurance companies will deny coverage for failure to maintain a church property.

Integrity Now Insurance makes the process of loss control inspection easier for its clients all across the US. Our cooperative church property insurance inspectors have the expertise and experience to make this procedure highly productive and effective. Church insurance providers, provide our Agent’s and our clients with a multitude of checklist we can provide to our church clients.  Request a church property insurance policy review today.  Reach out to us now to avail of our services!


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