Church Gas Theft Prevention

Best Ways To Protect Your Church Vehicles From Gas Theft

With gas prices surging, gas theft has increased tremendously.  Gas thieves dating back to the 1970’s would simply siphon gas right out of the gas tank with a tub and suction device. 

Newer vehicles have made this more difficult but not impossible, as their gas tanks can now lock.

Churches are prime targets for gas thieves, as they have large 15-passenger vans and buses. 

These large vehicles can hold a lot of gas, which thieves are attracted too. 

In addition, thieves are aware that churches are not occupied at night, which makes their vehicles more vulnerable as they are an easier target.

Church Gas Theft Prevention

7 Steps Churches Can Take To Reduce Gas Theft

Churches can take action to reduce the possibility of their church owned vehicles, from getting their gas taken from thieves.  Here are 7 steps churches can take, to help reduce the chances of gas theft. 

  1. Lock church owned vehicles up behind a fence – While this may not be an option for every church, for those who have a fenced in parking lot, this is a simple solution to protect your vehicles from gas thieves.
  2. Install video surveillance cameras with visible marked signs – Camera’s act as a deterrent for most thieves. With today’s technology, church staff can monitor activity remotely with their phones.  If they view someone stealing gas, they can notify the appropriate authorities.
  3. Park church vehicles in a well-lit area – Thieves don’t like to be seen, so light them up with some great church lighting in your parking lots.
  4. Get your church neighbors involved – Ask your local community to keep an eye out on your church property and vehicles
  5. Install gas cap locks – Simple and cheap solution to help stop thieves.
  6. Keep Gas Tanks at a quarter of a tan when not in use – Keeping your gas tanks low, reduces gas theft losses.
  7. Up-armor your church vehicle – While this is the most expensive solution, this helps stop thieves from drilling into your gas tank and stealing your gas from underneath your church vehicle. Having to repair or replace a gas tank, can cost you thousands in repairs.

It is important that every church implements different security practices to help prevent losses.  This includes everything from slip and fall injuries, security guard safety, stopping employee theft, safeguarding our church buildings, and gas theft from church vehicles.

Reduce Fuel Level to stop gas theft

How To Tell If Someone Is Siphoning Gas From Church Vehicles

Churches can have a difficult time monitoring their vehicles for gas theft, as different people may drive church owned vehicles on a daily basis.

In addition, your churches vehicles could also sit for weeks if not months at a time.  This has been especially true due to COVID-19.  Many vehicles have sat unused for much longer than usual. 

One way to monitor for gas theft, is noting the gas tank level before and after each use.  If you suspect someone is stealing gas from your church, this is a good way to monitor any shortcomings of your gas tank. 

Your church could also take a picture of your gas gage with your phone, and upload pictures in a central digital location for drivers to exam.

Even if your church vehicle has a locking door, we recommend installing locking gas caps as well.  This adds an additional layer of protection, that may have stop thieves who are looking for an easy target.  Locking doors can easily be opened, by prying them open with a flathead screwdriver. 

If you smell gas near your vehicle this can be a clear sign someone is has stolen your gas.  Check around your church vehicle, and see if there are any clear signs of gas spilled out or damage to the vehicle.

It is important to report these instances to your local police department, so they can increase patrols in your area.  The more information the police have on different types of criminal activities, can help better the chances of catching the criminal in the act.

Gas Theft from School Bus

Stop Gas Theft With Our Help - Church Insurance Agent

While we can’t stop gas theft completely, we are here to help your church reduce the chances of becoming the next victim.  As church insurance brokers, we face many different challenges with our church clients. 

While it would not be worth filing an insurance claim on your church bus insurance policy, we can still save you money on your bus or 15 passenger van insurance coverage.

Today, churches are facing gas theft related issues, tomorrow it will be copper theft from your air conditioning unit.  Our church insurance agents, are eager to review your current church insurance coverage. We will let you know, how we can either improve your coverages or simply save you money.

Did you know we can help you with all of your church insurance needs.  

This includes, church liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance for churches, directors and officers insurance, abuse coverage for churches, religious expressions coverage, employment practice liability insurance, group health insurance for churches, and more.

No matter your ministry insurance needs, we’ve got you covered.

Give us a call or complete our online church quote form today.

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