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The administrations of most churches, wish to create a safe and comfortable place of worship for their visitors. From the lighting to the seats, everything should offer optimal convenience to the church members. For this reason, many churches have been replacing pews with church chairs. But is it something every church should do? This is a hotly contested issue churches face, as they attempt to modernize their buildings and attracted more people.  Here are some details that can help you decide.

1. Cost-Effective

There is a drastic difference between the initial price of pews and chairs. New churches can save up to hundreds of dollars by installing chairs instead of pews on their property. This variation in prices is mainly due to the difference in materials. Pews are traditionally made with high-quality wood, which is substantially expensive. In contrast, chairs come in various forms and types. And each church can buy the kind of chairs they find affordable.  In the long term, pews could come at a lower overall cost, as chairs will need to be replaced more frequently.

2. Easy Maintenance and Replacement

If a chair or two gets damaged, it can be easily replaced using church insurance resources. But repairing damaged pews is a much longer and more difficult process. You might need to replace an entire row in case of serious damage to the pews.
The maintenance of church chairs is also easier in comparison with pews. This saves the time and effort of the church staff.

3. Better Comfort

Church visitors tend to like church chairs more than pews, mainly because of the comfort. Elderly worshippers and those with back issues can spend more time in the church if pews are replaced by ergonomic chairs.  It is also possible to install cushions on your pews, which can add to their comfort.  However, this will also add to their cost and overall maintenance needed to keep them looking like new.

 Tens of pews in a church

4. Flexible Use

Church chairs are easy to use and store, making them a flexible alternative for pews. You can add more chairs as per need and make more room for visitors on busy occasions.  In addition, chairs allow for the ability to turn your church space into an open gathering area to hold a feast or other events.

5. Variety of Options

Church chairs can be arranged in various ways to add appeal to a church’s interior. In comparison, pews offer no options for customization.  The added variety of flexible options chairs bring, make them an attractive option when considering the budget.  It is important for churches to have a clear vision into the future on how they plan or could use the buildings space.  This pre-planning will assist you in your decision making on which direction is best.

6. Offer Personal Space

Many people do not like to sit directly next to strangers during prayer. This problem is unavoidable with pews because of their fixed structure. However, church chairs offer each attendee more personal space and better mobility.  In additional, chairs allow churches to create space and make their churches more handicap accessible and solving mobility issues.  If additional changes are needed in the future, chairs will give you the freedom to easily add or take away new space.

Have you decided to install chairs in your church instead of pews? We understand that these types of decisions may create murch debate in your churches.  Get in touch with Integrity Now Insurance and stay safe in the case of chair theft or damage with church property insurance. Click here and learn all about our competent team of church insurance agents.

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