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Church Insurance Brokers: What They Do and Who Needs One


Insurance, cost-coverage for unpredictable circumstances, has made Americans’ lives easier. They don’t have to worry about their healthcare bills, property repair costs, or vehicle damage expenses since most of these high-cost investments are either fully or partially covered by credible, high-end insurance companies.


The same could be said of the many assets you can insure against theft and robbery. Apart from personal assets and property, you can buy insurance policies under your child’s or parent’s name. This is one of the most feasible ways to secure the future of a loved one.


You can contact an expert insurance agent to buy an insurance policy. Be sure you’ve calculated your budget and know exactly which insurance you want. The main types of insurance plans you should think about are:


Sacred properties like churches have their church insurance agents. For your church property insurance in Ohio, you can always contact our team of experts.


What are Insurance Brokers?


You can involve insurance brokers to work on your behalf. In many cases, you, the consumer, cannot access over one thousand insurance companies without involving insurance brokers. Insurance brokers represent the customers in their quest for the best policy for their needs. They are different from regular agents since agents work on behalf of the insurance company while insurance brokers represent the customer.


How Can Insurance Brokers Help You?


An insurance broker understands your needs and goals. Often, a layperson finds it difficult to understand financial jargon and chalk out the best insurance policy for themselves. A broker can always help you determine if a given policy covers your financial needs. They may also help decide which policies better suit your financial condition and if you can pay insurance premiums later.


Do You Necessarily Need a Church Insurance Broker?


The answer to this question can be Yes or No. You don’t always need to involve a broker when buying an insurance policy. Some landlords and asset owners want multiple plans for different needs and purposes. A small landlord might need several insurance policies to protect against property damage and general liabilities. 


Depending on the complexity of the overall risk, an insurance broker may be your best or only option.  Churches are a prime example of the importance of using an insurance broker.  As there are only a small handful of church insurance providers who specialize in church insurance, these companies prefer to use insurance brokers who specialize in helping churches.


Broker Commission


Insurance companies pay different commissions based on the type of insurance policy sold.  Commissions can range from 5% to 20%, with the average commission paying around 15%.  These commissions are set by the insurance companies and not controlled by the insurance brokers. 


Depending on the type of insurance policy, your insurance agent may be allowed to charge a broker fee and collect a commission.  The insurance agent sets a broker fee at the time of the sale, which must be fully disclosed to the client as part of the quote.


Our church insurance agency in Washington offers top-tier brokers to assist you with striking the best insurance deals.

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Integrity Now Insurance is an independent church insurance company in Arizona that deals in impressive church liability insurance coverage and workers’ compensation insurance for churches. Our church insurance brokers ensure your insurance plan meets all your needs and requirements. To avail of our services, call us at (877) 854- 7396.

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