When it comes to church and school bus safety procedures, it can be easy to only focus on vehicle maintenance.  While having a bus maintenance program is important to the safety of our church and school kids, there are additional items that need to be considered.

Approximately 25 million students nationwide ride the school bus, according to the National Safety Council. And the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that school buses are the safest form of student transportation.

These numbers do not factor in the number of church kids who also drive in church owned buses on a weekly basis.  It is vital your church and private school establish clear written ground rules for riders to help keep everyone safe.

To increase bus safety and limit driver distraction, church and private school students should review the church and school bus safety procedures regularly and before field trips.

Following are some bus safety guidelines to help your nonprofit organization establish or revise its current guidelines, this list of essentials is a good starting point:

Waiting For the Bus


Waiting for the Church and School Bus

  • Stay on the sidewalk and away from the roads while waiting for the church and school bus.
  • Stay with your friends and avoid speaking to strangers while waiting for the bus.
  • Do not go into the street while waiting for the bus to arrive.
  • Do not at wild, run, or mess around as this can cause a disturbance to others not in your group while waiting for the bus to arrive.
  • As the church or school bus approaches, don’t run towards the bus. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and for the bus driver to allow you to enter.

Rules for Boarding the Church and School Bus

  • Hold the handrail when getting into the church or school bus.
  • Walk calmly down the aisles, ensuring your stuff does not hit anyone as you walk by.
  • Do not push or shove others.
  • Provide adequate distance as you locate your seat
  • Once you are on the bus, quickly find a seat, sit down and stay seated.

Riding on the Church and School Bus

  • Always stay in your seat, unless otherwise director by the bus driver.
  • Fasten seat belts securely If the bus is equipped with them.
  • Face forward at all times.
  • Keep all body parts inside the bus and not out of the church or school bus windows.
  • Do not yell, sing loudly, or make other loud noises that could distract the bus driver. Talk quietly while on the bus.
  • Do not eat or drink anything while riding on the bus.
  • Keep bus aisle clear at all times. In case of an emergency, it is important that the aisle is clear and easy to navigate.
  • Do not touch or play with the emergency exits.
  • Do not throw anything at people on the bus or out of the bus windows.
  • When you reach your location, make sure you gather your belongings and trash.

Getting Off the Church and School Bus

  • Stay in your seat until the bus comes to a complete stop at the church or school.
  • Allow the front passengers ahead of you to exit first before attempting to exit yourself from the bus.
  • Use the safety handrail when stepping off the bus.
  • Do not push others while getting off the bus.
  • Once you get off the school bus, continue to be respectful of others.
  • Do not talk to strangers on the way.

Crossing the Street

  • Wait for the bus driver to extend the stop-arm signal and flash red lights before crossing in front of the bus.
  • Always safely cross in front of the stopped bus, when required to cross the street, after exiting a bus.
  • Make sure the bus driver can always see you.
  • Wait for the bus driver to give you a signal that it is safe to cross the street.
  • Look both directions before walking across the street.
  • Never cross the street behind the school bus. The bus driver cannot see you and help ensure your safety.
  • Do not push or shove others while crossing the street.

Additional Church and School Bus Safety Tips

  • Participate regularly in evacuation drills.
  • Listen to the bus driver instructions.
  • Have a written plan in case of an accident or breakdown
  • Always have medical release forms on board

It is highly recommended that students and parents sign off on all church and school bus safety procedures on an annual basis.  This will serve as a reminder and establish a clear expectation of each student.  While riding in a bus can be a fun adventure, your goal should be focused on the safety of the driver and kids onboard. The most successful church and school bus safety program we find, have the needed support from the Sr. Pastor and Jr. High and High School Principal.

Following Safety Rules while riding on a bus


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