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5 Top Qualities That Make Good Church Insurance Agents

Insurance agents is a company-hired representative who sells insurance policies to companies looking for insurance for financial coverage. These agents are bound by state laws to sell one company’s products only. They are paid an amount in a fixed salary by the insurance company they work for.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 qualities that make for a good and reliable insurance agents, to help you find the right insurance deals to save you the hassle.

People Skills

Since the primary job of an insurance agent is to act as an intermediary between the insurance company and the receiver of insurance, agents need to understand the insurance needs of consumers thoroughly. The ability to listen to the client’s needs and the aspects that require coverage will help find the right insurance deal.

Customer Service

Good customer service is yet another essential hallmark of a dependable insurance agent. For instance, if you are a church board member looking for church property insurance companies to cover liabilities, your agent should always be accessible via call for prompt guidance. Besides, good customer service also ensures happy clients, and such clients are more likely to return to you.


As the famous saying goes, honesty is the best policy, and the same holds for church insurance agents. An agent who is not transparent with you in terms of technicalities associated with your church insurance policies, can hamper your ability to trust insurance companies in the future. This is why an honest insurance agent who is clear about insurance coverage is a big plus.  You also want them to place you with church insurance providers that specialize in churches and your specific needs.

Experience in the Field

Another easy way to check the credibility of an insurance agent is to have a look at their portfolio and go through their client reviews. A successful client ratio will measure their excellence in the field and their expertise. It’s important because sometimes insurance needs are complicated and cannot be dealt with easily. Therefore you need the guidance of expert church insurance advisors like an insurance agents to help you devise an insurance plan that works well for you.

There are over 350,000 insurance agents throughout the US.  However, their are less than 1000 insurance agents who specialize in insurance for churches.   An expert who specializes in churches will have access to the best church insurance companies, who include coverages such as directors and officers insurance, abuse and molestation insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and more under the same insurance company.

When your church has all of their insurance coverage with a single insurance company, this reduces the possibilities of a covered claim from being denied or not filed with the correct insurance company.  When a claims adjuster can review all policies, they are able to discover if a claim is possibly covered by multiple layers of coverages.

The insurance agents job is to help your church obtain all of the needed coverages that are available to your church organization.  It is then your responsibility to decide which coverages are important to protect your organization.

Emotional Intelligence

To be a good insurance agent, you need to have a high level of emotional intelligence. This is important because of the ability to empathize and thoroughly understand clients’ financial needs. They need to be discreet enough to help the client see the financial reality of their situation, even when the client doesn’t want to.

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