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Hate crimes and religious intolerance are increasing rapidly in the US. While religious organizations continue to spread the message of peace, many perpetrators of violence wish to tarnish the image of religious institutions. Incidents of vandalism within the country have many church ministries worried for their safety and that of their followers. To reduce the financial damage from such incidents, church insurance companies in Arizona offer liability plans with maximum coverage. Here are a few reasons and prevention methods for church vandalism, as experienced church insurance brokers suggested.

Reasons For Church Vandalism Insurance

Many forms of vandalism can damage a church’s property and valuable belongings. These crimes are often committed without a serious motif by teenagers who don’t realize the sanctity of religious property. Sometimes, vandals wish to express their resentment towards faith and its believers. Whatever the case, these activities can cause severe financial harm to a church and waste its resources. Investing in a church insurance policy can control and reverse much of this damage.

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Top Five Ways To Prevent Church Vandalism

1. Park Automobiles in a Garage

To keep church buses and vans safe from vandalism, it is advisable to park them in a safe and locked space.  This simple step can significantly reduce the risk of damage.

In addition, parking your church-owned vehicles behind a fence can lead to lower church insurance costs.  Church insurance companies are able to pass on lower insurance rates as their expense ratios are decreased over time.

2. Support and Educate The Community’s Youth

By educating teenagers and children about the church’s significance, we can stop them from developing a hatred for the organization. The church can host activities for the youth on the property and make them feel accepted so they don’t act out in rebellion.

As your local teen community utilizes the church facilities, they will keep an eye out on the church property and report vandalism as it is happening.

3. Install Motion Sensor Lights

Vandals usually act in the dark. Motion sensors and CCTV surveillance systems can keep them off the property and reduce the chances of vandalism.

We recommend adding motion lights and signs stating recording in progress in outside areas accessible to the public.  As your church insurance agent, we encourage our clients to maintain their buildings with adequate lighting as this helps reduce slips and falls from their church members.

4. Take Help From The Community

Encourage your community members to stop and report acts of vandalism, raise awareness, and invite empathy.  Church leaders are often away serving their church community and members.

It is vital for your local community to help keep watch over the church when possible.

5. Keep The Property Well Maintained

A poorly maintained church is more likely to be vandalized. Monitor the repair needs of your church and save it from any criminal activity.  Church Insurance companies can provide resources on maintaining your church buildings.

When a church looks abandoned the local homeless community may attempt to move in and leave trash behind.  This can increase the possibility of vandalism and decrease the possibility an insurance company will want to renew your policy.

Integrity Now Insurance is a church insurance broker who works with church property insurance companies that have helped many churches recover from the financial damages caused by vandalism. We provide religious institutions and non-profit organizations with insurance policies catering to their needs. Some of the coverages we help your church include general liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, business auto insurance, ministry insurance, EPLI, and more.  Get in touch with us and make your place of worship safer for all its members and visitors.

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