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Integrity Now Insurance Brokers wants to be your Church Insurance Agent.  We serves thousands of churches all throughout California, Washington, Arizona, and Nevada.  As a Jr. High Pastor and Insurance Agent, helping churches with their insurance needs was a natural progression.  

Throughout the years of working in the insurance industry, I found that working with churches quickly became my favorite group of organizations to work with.  In the insurance industry we deal with all kinds of individuals and business.  Helping churches with their insurance was truly a breath of fresh air.  

I love being able to sit down with Pastors and Elders of each church.  Many times we will only deal with their churches insurance needs, but other times we get a chance to talk about how God is working in each of our lives.  

God has used me to not only help Pastors obtain their churches insurance but also to help these men and women of faith in their time of need.  They have either been there to give me advise on how to deal with something in my life or God may give me a word to help them in their time of need.  

It is so freeing to be able to meet with so many different Pastors throughout California and see how we are all on the same path of bringing Jesus to the lost.  

Church Insurance Agent

Partnering with your Church Insurance Agent

Unless you read this post first, most churches who are looking for insurance don’t realize that when they obtain their insurance through our office, they are also supporting Kingdom work. Even while writing this post my phone has range from someone who is in need of prayer for physical healing.  By your organization selecting us to be your Church Insurance Agent, you are also supporting an Insurance Agent who is mission focused. 

While we love helping our church community with their insurance needs and we are an expert in helping churches obtain all of the needed insurance, we recognize that God has put us on this earth to be that the light of Jesus to others.  

We not only want to partner with you to help provide the needed insurance protection, we are also looking for churches to partner with us.  We will do everything needed to find a church insurance policy that will best serve your churches needs

There are church property insurance companies that have made the decision to look out for their best interest rather than the church’s best interest.  We will not work with those church insurance companies, but rather we will put you with an insurance carrier that will stand by you when you need them most.  

If you are looking for a Church Insurance Agent in California we hope that you would give us a chance to partner with you.  We will do our absolute best to keep your best interest a heart.  We look forward to hearing from you and scheduling an appointment so we can conduct a full policy review and determine if we are able to help your church. 

If you are a start up church we also want to help you get started on the right foot with a church insurance policy that is affordable and meets your churches insurance needs.

When considering which church insurance agent your church wants to work with, we hope that you will include us as one of your primary options.  There are not many insurance agents who specialize in churches.  In California there are only a handful of church insurance agents and we are here to serve you.

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