Purchasing Church Insurance

5 Things To Consider When Purchasing Church Insurance

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  This week, as you, your church, and your congregation are coming together in celebration, remember to show appreciation for all you have been blessed with.


Give thanks for good health, harmony, friendship, and, of course, safety.


Even in times of loss and struggle, it is essential also to remember our blessings. 


From all of us at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Church Property Insurance

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Church Insurance


When it comes to protecting your ministry, many steps should be taken. Choosing the correct insurance policy to fit your needs is critical to ensuring your organization is protected from severe loss. A common practice is choosing a church insurance company or policy based on price.


However, it is also essential to consider your needs and values when weighing different insurance options. Consider the following five questions when shopping for insurance:


1. Are the church property insurance companies financially strong? A.M. Best is the insurance industry’s recognized measurer of financial strength. An insurance company with the rating A++, A+ (Superior), A, A- (Excellent), B++, or B+ (Good) is considered a secure company. These ratings are a good indication of the company’s past performance and their stability.


2. Is the coverage offered adequate? Oftentimes, churches will have additional areas or structures associated with their ministry, such as a gym or coffee shop. Check the insurance policy and ensure it covers all aspects of your facility. Be sure the coverage would protect you and is a good value for your spending.


3. Does the company have a history of good settlement practices? A company’s history regarding past settlements can indicate its ability to follow through on its promises. You also want to make sure they are timely and fair. Look into a consumer buying guide or J.D. Power and Associates for more information.


4. Does the company provide value-added services? While the insurance coverage may be great for protecting your organization, also look into preventative resources available, such as risk management tools, assessments, training videos, and education pieces. Additionally, discounts to vendors are another great added benefit.


5. Is the company easily accessible? Your insurance company and coverage policy are essential aspects of your ministry. It is vital that communicating with a company be quick and easy, as frequently, a matter that requires insurance perspective is of high priority. Additionally, find out if you can quickly contact them with policy changes if they have an online policyholder website, or if you can make payments online.


Working with the right church insurance company with the right policy can make all the difference in fully protecting your church facility, congregation, and ministry. If the unthinkable ever happens at your church, ensure you have the right company to support your values and needs.


Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is one of the top church insurance brokers, and they will ensure your church is placed with an insurance company specializing in Church Insurance. We will ensure you have all the needed coverage to protect your church and congregation.


Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, Inc.


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