There are many articles in the news today about churches being sued for being “politically incorrect”. It is such a sensitive issue that many churches are split on how to deal with it.

This article is not going to be about love and grace. We will assume that your church already has love and grace in abundance. This is about what to do if you are not sure how to avoid possible lawsuits in this area.

There is a push today by the media to support alternate lifestyles. The government seems to be split regarding personal lifestyle issues and the states themselves have differing laws. Some churches are refusing to accommodate those whose lifestyles go against their core beliefs and then other churches have no problem with different lifestyles. In the middle are those who either are split on what they believe or not sure whether to take a stand. You might be asked to either officiate at an event or simply allow a group or individuals to use your facilities.

If you are concerned about this, I can tell you the conclusion that we have come to here at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers. Although some would say it is unnecessary and that the risk of a lawsuit is very low, it would probably be a good time to be sure that your church’s bylaws accurately reflect your core beliefs. The reality is that having things written down always bodes well when you are facing litigation.

Do it before it becomes an issue for your church. The longer your bylaws have reflected the beliefs that your church stands for, the better.

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