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Best Insurance For Houses of Worship: Briefly Explained

House of worship insurance, provides property and liability coverage for the structure where people gather to pray, meditate, and celebrate spiritual rituals. They are usually open to the public and provide places for people to meet and grow spiritually and connect socially with other members. It doesn’t matter if you run a small congregation or serve as a pastor of a megachurch — your place of worship needs insurance protection.

Even though these locations are generally considered safe, some risks can still threaten your house of worship property. Church buildings and assets must be protected in case they are damaged or destroyed by fire, wind damage, hail damage, or vandalism. Plus, you need to consider liability risks that could leave your house of worship financially responsible for third-party injuries or property damage. The following coverage options can help protect your house of worship from financial loss:

Church Property Insurance

This policy helps pay for physical damages caused by unexpected events (such as fire and vandalism) that directly affect the structures and business personal property owned by your church organization. It may also provide coverage for the loss of important records and business income when you are unable to hold services in temporarily damaged locations. If your assets are stolen or lost during transportation, you may be able to file a claim through this policy as well.  It is important for your church insurance brokers, to fully understand what property they need to insure and how you are using this property.  An example, is what type of coverage is needed, if your church transports church equipment to and from different locations.  If this property is damaged in a vehicle accident, you would need to insure the equipment with an inland marine policy.  Your standard business personal property coverage, would not extend coverage in this scenario.

General Liability For Churches

This provides liability protection for bodily injury and property damage claims against the house of worship. It protects the church in the event a visitor or member gets injured on its property. In addition, it may cover personal injury claims such as slander and libel.  Commercial liability coverage includes an extensive amount of coverage needed by churches.  It is important to work with an insurance agent who specializes in working with churches.  Your agent can complete a thorough insurance review of your church policies.

Sexual Abuse & Molestation Liability

Sexual abuse claims have been on the rise in recent years. There is no better way to protect a church from these claims than with a stand-alone sexual abuse liability policy. These policies provide coverage for both defense costs and damages awarded in the event a member or visitor is sexually abused by an employee or volunteer at the church.  It is critical for Houses of Worship to have the needed written abuse policies and procedures in place.  Background checks for all employees and volunteers need to be conducted on all individuals who work with kids and our most vulnerable adults.

Directors and Employees Practice Liability Insurance

Directors’ and officers liability helps protect against lawsuits involving charges of wrongful acts committed by directors or officers of the church. While employment practices liability insurance helps to protect against lawsuits involving wrongful acts involved in the employment process such as hiring, firing, discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, etc.  These two policies play a vital role in any organization and should be a part of your overall house of worship insurance coverage.

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Church insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of policy; instead, it consists of multiple types of coverage that serve different needs. The language within your church policy matters most.  No two churches are exactly alike, which is why our Agents will help you customize the policies you need to insure your house of worship.

Make sure the church insurance provider you are with, specializes in insurance for churches.  Many companies will cover churches but are missing key coverages houses of worship need.

We at Integrity Now Insurance have your best interests at heart and will help get you the best deal possible in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, and Washington. Our comprehensive portfolio of insurance services includes abuse and molestation insurancegeneral liability insurance, and employment practice liability, and more.

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