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What Types of Insurance Does a Church Have?

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Your church is more than just a structure, and it requires different types of insurance coverages. It’s a sacred space for prayer, worship, and community gatherings. Most churches are faced with a slew of tasks that must be met on a shoestring budget.

A simple event on the church grounds can result in financial hardship, particularly if your church doesn’t have adequate insurance coverage.

Church insurance is essential since a single tragedy or calamity can bring a church to its knees. People may view the church as a blessed sanctuary, but the courts disagree, which means the church can be sued. Church insurance from a reputable church insurance company is essential since property disputes are one of the most frequent reasons for civil action lawsuits against churches.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of applying for insurance, here’s everything you need to know about the many types of insurance for churches:

Sexual Misconduct Liability Insurance

It’s critical to have sexual misconduct coverage, not only in case of an actual occurrence but also to defend against any accusations that may develop. Defending against sexual misconduct charges can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The amount of money paid to the plaintiff is frequently large, and it might push a church into bankruptcy or liquidation. A minimum of $250,000 in coverage is advised, although larger levels may be desirable for these types of insurance, if a church can afford to pay the additional premium.  We always say, you can’t afford not to carry high insurance limits when dealing with the types of insurance that related to sexual misconduct.  It is important to have a sexual misconduct policy and procedures manuals in place.  This manual will provide the needed guidance on property background check procedures, notification requirements, and training needed for your church staff and volunteers.  These manuals should be reviewed and updated annually.

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General Liability Insurance For Churches

A churches General liability insurance coverage, is the base insurance coverage your church insurance brokers starts with.  When reviewing the types of insurance your church will need, having a solid foundation with church insurance providers who will be there for you is critical to any church insurance program.

Mission Trip Insurance

In the event of an emergency, mission trip insurance help in those situations when your church finds themselves serving in another country. This is relevant to medical coverage, kidnapping, and other risks during a mission trip. If the mission trip isn’t domestic, you may need a different policy. You may also purchase liability coverage for the rest of the world. This will cover you when you’re away from home.

Also, keep in mind that employees who travel will require medical coverage. This is particularly true in an emergency. Kidnap, extortion, and ransom insurance are critical. If you’re going to a high-crime location, you’ll require these types of insurance coverage to cover losses related to these exposures.

Business Auto Insurance – Passenger Car, 15 Passenger Van, Church Bus

Many churches have a fleet of buses and 15 passenger vans to transport their members safely. Churches specifically provide these services for senior citizens and young children. Some churches also provide passenger cars to their Sr. Pastor or other church staff.  Car accidents and other road accidents, on the other hand, can make your church accountable, even if you’re not at fault. In such cases, business auto insurance secures your church against liability.  It is recommended to purchases the highest limits available for your auto insurance, and even consider adding an umbrella policy for additional liability protection.

Church Property Insurance

We offer all different types of insurance that are vital for churches to have. There are a number of different insurance that may be required, if your church owns a building or structure. This includes the facility itself and the church’s commercial or business personal property, playground equipment, landscaping, and furnishings. Stained glass, pianos, and pews are among the expensive items included.

When insuring your church buildings, it is important that each building is insured correctly.  This will ensure, if there is a fire you will be able to rebuild back to where you were.  The square footage of the church building, the zip code in which it is located, the construction materials required to restore your church, the year it was built, and many other criteria all contribute to the overall insured value of the property.

Make sure you are using a qualified church insurance agent, who understand and specializes in churches.

Church insurance is necessary for any ministry, whether it has a modest church or numerous properties. Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a California-based church insurance company. We offer various services like church property insurance, abuse and molestation insurance, and church liability insurance in Ohio, Arizona, Washington and many more. Contact us for more information.

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