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Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations also called a non-business entity, are organizations that works for the betterment of society and carries out its functions using funds, and donations. These organizations are exempted from federal tax by the Internal Revenue Service of the US. Unlike other business entities that operate to generate profits, nonprofit organizations only use profits for the welfare of the public. This is done through educational, social, and cultural ventures.


Owing to their commitment towards creating a healthy and better society, there are multiple types of nonprofit organizations, each working for a specific cause and benefit. However, it’s important to note that, to be called a nonprofit organization, they have to sign up for 501 (c) legal status.


Here are some types of nonprofit organizations working for the betterment of society and the public in general.

Public Schools

Education is a noble pursuit but not everyone is bestowed with it, owing to circumstances. They provide students with all the necessary skills to help them become healthy and educated members of society.  They also provide team sports enabling students to learn how to work as a group and instills teamwork and unity.  Many public schools also offer band and choir allowing student to develop their arts for those who are gifted in those areas.


Public Healthcare Facilities

Poor health conditions are responsible for a large number of deaths every day. Nonprofit organizations that focus on providing public healthcare facilities in low income areas, assist needy patients with their healthcare and offer them quality treatment free-of-charge. Strong public health measures prevent outbreaks of various contagious diseases by acting timely to ensure disease control.  Low income families have come to depend on organizations, providing no cost or low cost healthcare services.


Fraternal Nonprofit Organizations

Being membership-based nonprofit organizations; fraternal societies are focused on encouraging brotherhood and harmony within society. Such societies heavily weigh upon academic and intellectual discussions. In simple terms, fraternal organizations are based on the intellectual, physical, and social development of their members.  Being part of a fraternal organization helps their members to feel they are apart of something that is bigger than themselves.


Recreational Organizations

A type of nonprofit organization, a recreational organization is focused on raising funds for a different social cause. These causes can be anything as long as they serve the public interests. Although recreational organizations are exempted from tax, they have to adhere to strict record-keeping requirements.


Charitable Organizations

Charitable organizations work for the betterment of the public and serve public interests. Charitable organizations ensure the betterment of society by helping people in need. These organizations include orphanages, community centers, etc. In short, most charitable organizations support religious, educational, and social causes.


Religious Organizations

Religious organizations like churches focus on spreading the message of God to the local community they are part of. These nonprofit organizations afford their functions through sacrificial giving, insurances, and donations by their church members.  People within the church are able to offer needed services, and help to their community through local gatherings or community outreach.  Some churches offer food pantries, clothings, youth ministries, adult ministries and more to help their local neighborhoods.


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