Types of Non-Profit Organizations

What Are the Different Types of Non-Profit Organizations?


A non-profit organization is exactly as its name suggests: not for profit. A non-profit organization is a legalized framework whereby a company intentionally works towards social welfare and the public good.


They work under what’s legally called the “non-distribution constraint”. The constraint limits the use of all revenue generated solely to the cause of the NGO. No private party or investor is liable to reap any profit from the revenue generated by non-profit organizations.


You must have come across numerous fundraisers, charity events and special cause auctions observed by charities in the US and across the globe. A non-profit organization is tax-exempted primarily because they work towards the public good and wellbeing. As per the data collected by the National Center for Charitable Statistics, around 1.5 million NGOs are operating in the US.


Different Types of Non-Profit Organizations works towards different causes. Some leading causes and NGO initiatives include:


  • Global Poverty and Hunger
  • Refugee Sustenance
  • Peace Initiatives
  • Educational and Cultural Promotion
  • Better HealthCare Initiatives
  • Clean Drinking Water Campaigns
  • Mental Health Initiatives
  • Women-Empowerment Initiatives.

An NGO may seem like a simple non-profit organization, but you need to understand its affiliations and their working models. NGOs can be donor-based or government-organized. To insure your NGO against financial losses and infrastructural property repair, contact insurance brokers at Integrity Now Insurance. We’ll connect your NGO to insurance companies in Arizona to help you better protect your businesses.


Here’s a detail of the different types of NGOs:


Donor-Based NGOs


A circulation of capital pushes the initiatives that NGOs carry out. To need to make an NGO work, a proper model would be a Donor-based NGO. These types of non-profit organizations, take funding from one or more donors to carry out their initiatives. To find suitable donors, NGOs conduct research and identify private donors who might feel passionate about a project. This is one way NGOs come across private donors to run their operations.


Community Funded NGOs

Community-funded NGOs use community funds and grants to carry out their initiatives. These types of non-profit organizations, use grants that are usually provided to address a troubling socio-economic factor within a struggling community. A community can offer charity to its underprivileged members.


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Government-Funded NGOs


NGOs perform targeted initiatives that provide them convenient access to people with a targeted problem. It’s easier for the government to hand over funds to these types of non-profit organizations, whose volunteers to help specific communities. Government-led NGOs are as passionate about the cause as private-donor-led NGOs.


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