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A church can have significant cash assets, including bank accounts, valuable assets that have been donated to them, and endowments. This means that churches need special insurance considerations such as liability coverage to protect their assets as well as their employees.

However, a lot of church leaders can find getting church insurance a bit tricky, which is why it’s important to understand what you need before you go shopping for coverage. For example, if your congregation has a small number of members, your liability insurance requirements may be less strenuous than they would be if you have a larger membership base. Learn why size does matter in the world of insurance.

What is Liability Coverage?

Liability coverage is a type of insurance that helps provide financial protection for your organization in case an accident occurs. An example of this could be a slip and fall accident that injures one of your members after he or she walked across the slippery surface of your church’s entryway. Some examples of important liability coverage for churches include travel insurance, commercial auto insurance, general liability, sexual misconduct liability, and Umbrella Insurance.

Why Larger Congregations are at a Higher Risk?

Congregations are at risk for some of the same types of claims and exposures as other businesses, such as slip and fall claims, auto accidents, dog bites, and defamation. The size of your congregation can have a significant impact on the type and amount of liability coverage you need to protect your church from legal matters. Larger congregations can afford to purchase more broad coverage with higher limits.

As a general rule of thumb, the larger the church and the more activities it hosts, the higher the likelihood that it will be targeted for lawsuits. Unfortunately, such lawsuits are often frivolous and the cost of defending them may outweigh any potential benefit of winning.

Finding the Right Church Insurance

When you’re starting a new church or looking for insurance for your existing church, it’s important to take the time to investigate how the size of your congregation impacts liability premiums. A lot of churches think they can afford to open their doors without insurance, but it’s a risky move that could result in financial disaster. The larger the size, the more the chances of bigger claims history which is a vital factor in insurance pricing. The liability coverage the church selects can make a large impact on their ability to provide programs and services in their community.


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Get the Best Insurance for Your Church

As a church leader, your responsibilities are great. You have to not only lead a team of staff, volunteers, and church members, but you also have to lead the rest of the congregation. You have to prepare for weekly sermons and make sure the music for worship is prepared. You also have to try to do everything in your power to protect your congregation, which is why insurance is important.

We at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers help churches of all sizes get insurance to meet their needs. Our professional church insurance brokers help churches in ArizonaCalifornia, Colorado, NevadaOhio, Texas, and Washington get the best protection for their churches. Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes church property insurance, church liability insurance, church workers’ compensation insurance, directors and officers liability coverage, and more.

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