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Types Of Missionary Trips That Make a Lasting Impact

The primary role of a missionary is to serve as a ‘witness’ while attempting to convert other people to their belief system by teaching them about the religion. Missionaries are given the name as they go on ‘missions’ to spread their beliefs through formal lectures, sermons, and one-on-one conversations while providing basic services or relief to communities.

They use their skill sets and education in various ways during the missions. For example, an individual who served as a home teacher would serve as a schoolteacher in the mission field. In the same way, if someone was an architect back home, they could help build safe housing or clean drinking water and sanitation facilities in the mission field. Missionaries with no particular skills can help others in general tasks, such as providing child care or passing out meals. Here are a few types of missionaries.

Homeland Missionaries

These include people who stay within their home country while working on a mission or cause, usually in the service and name of their religion. Representatives, pastors, members of a particular place of worship, and anyone and everyone looking to make a difference can become a homeland missionary.

Overseas Missionaries

Overseas missionaries are one of the most popular types of missionary trips. It involves traveling to particular foreign countries, mostly to evangelize and help local people in need. Religious organizations or nonprofit groups send most such missionaries to raise support, pray, and enhance the efforts of ministers. If the overseas missionary trip is short-term, it usually lasts for a few weeks or months, but long-term trips can last for several years and could extend indefinitely. However, overseas missionaries must typically return to their home country once every four years for a brief furlough, lasting from six months to a year.

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Evangelistic Missionaries

The primary objective of such missionaries is to convert citizens to a particular religion. Evangelistic missionaries focus their work on preaching and teaching people in areas where the citizens are not familiar with the religious messages they want to spread. Most evangelistic missionaries hold crusades, organize public demonstrations, and go door to door to spread their religious message about Jesus. Many evangelistic missionaries also help people in need, but their main purpose is to convert people to Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Need-Based Missionaries

The principal focus of need-based missionaries is to help people in a particular area. While evangelism is also a significant part of their service, their primary objective is to meet the needs of people. They build churches and community centers, start orphanages, distribute medical supplies, teach languages and skills, and provide needy people safe drinking water and nutritious food.

Mission Trip Checklist

It is important that you have a complete checklist of all items you will need while on your mission trip.  We have compiled a fantastic list of recommendations for everything you must do in preparation for your mission trip.  It is called a complete user guide for planning a church mission trip.

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