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Los Angeles California Churches Returning back to normal in 2021!

Like many other parts of this great country California was also part of the great shut-down.  Not only were every business affected by the Covid=19 shutdown, Churches were also forced to shut down or completely change how they operate.  

Many churches went to online platforms to help their church members stay connected while others held their church services outside either in a parking lot or some other space in an attempt to accommodate the members who were willing to show up. 

We did hear of a few churches who decided to continue to meet as usual as they felt their church was small enough that they could socially distance.  We had to let them know that the insurance company may have issues with them defying an order, and coverage may not respond.  

Because there were a number of older members who could not show up due to health concerns, their only option was to participate via an online platform if their church was able to provide this service.

Many of our clients would call us to simply find out what other churches or my own church was doing.  

I know my own family is excited to hear that Los Angeles California Churches are returning back to normal here is in the very near future.  I don’t know about you but I miss meeting with our church family and of course our coffee house.  I am not sure if coffee house will open up immediately or not but at least we are heading in the right direction.  

California Church Insurance

Will Churches Recover Fast enough.

Like many other organization / businesses we have seen a number of churches that were forced to close their doors.  The good news at least for many of our clients, they were able to keep their church finances in order.  We know each of these churches faced some hard decision and while they noticed their income going down they had to spend extra money in order to create an online platform so services could continue.

I don’t know how this pandemic will impact each church as we return, but I am guessing we will see some changes (some for the positive and maybe viewed as negative) to how we do church.  While I was not a fan of holding church in the parking lot, I did see some positives in doing so.  The community that surrounds each church were for the first time able to see and hear the people.  

Sometimes I wondered if the people who did not go to church viewed these people as part of an exclusive club (by invitation only).  They may have been scared to go inside due to the mystery of the unknown.  Now that Churches were forced to meet outside, did that help churches remove some of the mysteries of what goes on within a church building.  I know as we were holding church outside I usually noticed a few people stand there and watch and listen for a few minutes.  Other came in and hung out for a while.  Would these same people come in if we had not been outside?

This shows me that we as a church need to get out more often and show our community who we are.  People especially right now need to see the Christ in us shining through us.  This needs to become apart of everything we do.  As you exam how you look as you go throughout your dad to include your work, coffee shop, social media post either on your wall or responding to something you disagree with, are you being Christ like.  How do people view you as you go?  Do you look like the world or do you look like Christ? 

If we want our churches to recover we as a church need to look more and more like Christ.  People who are humble, caring, loving, compassionate, forgiving, slow to speak, and kind.  If we can perfect these character qualities or gifts from Holy Spirit, we will see the Church flourish.

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