Church Insurance Premium Discounts

Church Insurance Policy Level Discounts

I don’t know about you and your church, but as your church insurance agent I love to find and apply discounts when they are available.  Depending on the church insurance company that we are placing your church with, we may have access to a number a discounts.  

Church insurance has taken some new turns in the past few months.  We have access to a church insurance company that is now offering a 25% Risk Management credit for those Commercial Package Policies that exceed \$20,000 a year annually.  This is an amazing deal!!!  

For those churches that qualify we at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers are able to apply additional insurance credits on top of this large credit.

Church Insurance Premium Discounts

You may be asking yourself what is a Risk Management Credit and how do you obtain it.  Assuming your church qualifies, the only thing required of you is that your church takes an online course that takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and that is it.  Through this online course it will help you identify any property and liability risk that your church could be exposed to.  

This way you and your congregation can take proactive steps to prevent someone from getting injured or property damage that may arise.  Not only do you save money on the front end but you also help prevent your insurance premiums from going up in the event of a loss.  Plus most importantly you protect your church members and church building.

The church insurance company will ask that you complete this course every 3 years.  This way, the information you learn will be reinforced and not forgotten. 

It is the carriers hope that by offering this amazing program, when you obtain church insurance through this carrier, you will be a more informed organization.  The great news is we at Integrity Now Insurance Brokers have seen the majority of large churches that we have quoted save a tremendous amount of money.  

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