Teaching Scriptures requires extreme responsibility from the teacher’s end to ensure the right message is delivered to the masses. Women are the primary caretakers, and their religious beliefs play a huge role in shaping their families’ futures. Like men, it’s equally important for women to study the Bible and challenge their thoughts.

Women or men, anyone can lose focus in their daily life. Learning Scriptures allows people to dive deep into the subject and apply it in their lives. Teachers can often get overwhelmed while teaching Bible, so here are some mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

1. Focus on the Scripture and Stop Hopping Around

A teacher’s most common mistake is going through the Bible to explain one key text. A student will probably want to dig deep into a particular Scripture rather than hopping from one text to another from the Bible.

As a teacher, you must learn to use cross-reference to save students’ time. Your goal should not be to relate to different other passages but to explain what the one at hand means. This mistake can cost you hours, so keep it in mind at all costs.

2. Never Feminize the Text

 A woman reading Bible near the sea

Most women teachers, intentionally or unintentionally, try to give a meaning unique to womanhood to passages in the Scripture. Whenever a teacher tries to do it, they rob of its original meaning for humanity. The Bible is not gender-specific, and giving it such a meaning alters its significance forever.

The teacher’s job is to make the student learn Bible rather than giving it a women-specific meaning. Although it does not always happen, teachers must always avoid this mistake.

3. Don’t Extrapolate the Scripture to Make it Sound Extrabiblical

The teachers often add more meaning to the Scripture to make the text come to life. It can be beneficial at some point, but sometimes it can be more distracting than helpful. Giving a unique meaning to the Scripture can appeal to the audience, but it’s not recommended.

Most times, the meaning is off-script, which is not the right way to teach students about the Bible. Teachers have to avoid the mistake of giving the wrong idea to the student.

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