Churches have been following the same congregational prayers for ages. It interests a few but is a complete turn-off for younger participants. Those coming to the churches expect some relevancy to the modern world in prayers and activities to keep them dedicated to their religion. Still, the lack of flexibility to adapt in many churches keeps them from attracting more people.

The churches must speak the language of young families to enter their hearts. Furthermore, the churches must invest in upgrading their children’s programs, offering exciting activities, and much more to keep them returning to the church.

Here are some additional tips that will help you connect with the young families at your church:

1. Bring Tablets and Mobile Phones in the Picture to Attract Families

A church that promotes using electronic devices to read Scriptures from Bible is much more attractive to young families than the one that gives a lecture on not using them.

The times have changed, and phones are used for everything today. It’s time for churches to become more flexible and use tablets and mobile phones to attract families to the church.

2. Create a Responsive Website for Your Church to Be Reachable

Given people’s busy schedules, it’s often hard to go to church every Sunday. Creating a responsive website that is easily accessible gives a chance to the person to look up all they want in a single click.

The website can feature the latest updates, services offered at the church, recordings of sermons, and so on. It’s one of the best tips to attract young families to the church.

A man reading Bible from the phone

3. Try to Give Sermons Online to Reach Many People

As mentioned above, not everyone can make time for church on Sunday. The best tip here is to post your sermons online, preferably on iTunes, so many people can reach them. If your website supports the audio files feature, you can also post them there.

4. Use Social Media to Reach a Wider Audience

The church is not the only place where you can get social with your families. If you have not already explored the power of social media, then it’s probably time to do it. You can use social media to connect with families coming to the church and form a good relationship with them. It will help you interact with more families and encourage them to come to the church.

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