One might think that church is a place of worship and it might not need coverage of any sort, but it’s not the case. Similar to a car or a property, the church also needs insurance. It has plenty of employees and board directors working for the church, so it’s necessary to provide them with significant insurance coverage as well.

The church is not just where people only gather on Sundays; it’s where people take vows, give the last speech at their beloved’s funeral, and so much more. Despite the place’s significance, it’s not immune from lawsuits.

Many people are not aware of the types of church insurance, which is why they land in problems in the future. If you wish to avoid a lawsuit and save yourself from trouble, this post covers all the essential information.

Types of Church Insurances

Before choosing a type of church insurance, the first step is understanding what is available in the market. Insurance is as important as buying a new car or house; you need to pay attention to different aspects, features, and more to get the best one.

The main types of insurance include church liability insurance, commercial property insurance, commercial auto, and worker’s compensation. Unless you understand all these types of insurance, you won’t be able to find the best one for you. Let’s dive into the details of all such insurance coverage for churches.

Commercial Property Insurance

The insured interior of the church

Like a house, the place of worship also needs to be insured. The church buildings are made of expensive wood, stainless windows, and much more.

No place on Earth is safe from physical damage or unwanted events. Unless you have commercial property insurance, you will have to pay out of your pocket for the damages. Commercial property insurance gives you the benefit of protecting your building from both inside out. Some common claims that churches face include damages due to natural disasters, damages due to the harsh wind to the building, damages due to electrical surges leading to a fire, and many others.

This kind of commercial property insurance covers the building contents, including computers, specialized equipment, sound systems, etc. The pastor’s personal belongings are also included in the coverage.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance offers coverage to the church against claims and lawsuits. It offers the organization plenty of resources and financial protection to settle a case or pay for a judgment. The church needs different types of liability coverage, including religious freedom, employment practices, sexual misconduct, and directors & officers (D&O).

Employment Practices

This type of liability insurance gives you coverage against personal and emotional injury. Furthermore, it also protects against any financial damages caused by the promotion, firing, or hiring of employees.

Directors & Officers (D&O)

This insurance coverage protects the board members from financial damage due to their decision for the church.

Sexual Misconduct

This insurance coverage protects the clergy against any sexual abuse, misconduct lawsuits, or claims by a congregational member.

Religious Freedom

This insurance coverage protects the ministry when they are subjected to a claim of emotional injury by the church members.

Worker’s Compensation

The church insurance for workers in the church

Worker’s compensation is an important type of insurance coverage. It covers work-related injuries along with compensation to the employees when they are on leave recovering from the injury. Moreover, it also covers the death of an employee due to a work-related incident.

Churches also give this sort of compensation to the people working for the church. It keeps the employees safe and provides them with enough coverage to get through unwanted situations.

Commercial Auto Insurance

No matter if the church provides auto insurance to employees or not, the church has to get automobile insurance. This insurance saves the church from vehicle loss and also offers medical expense coverage to people present in the church-owned vehicle during the event.

What is the Cost of Church Insurance?

Wondering about the cost of the church insurance? Many people fear the prices due to which they don’t bother to get the insurance. Buying church insurance is not too difficult or costly to clear the air. The cost of the insurance is calculated based on several factors. The key tip here is to get in touch with someone who is well-aware of religious organization-specific insurances and ask them for details about getting the church insurance in no time.

Your insurance premiums will be influenced by the claims history, church location, and coverage needs. If you have a clean claims report, then you are more likely to get leverage on the insurance premiums. On the other hand, the location and coverage needs of the building will also influence your premium payments.

Why Do Churches Need Insurance?

People are living in an unpredictable world where evil people don’t resist even attacking the people in churches. Everything is pretty common, from vandalism to bomb threats, which brings people’s attention to getting church insurance. Imagine your loved one going to the holiest and most sacred place on Earth only to get killed over there.

Apart from such incidents, natural disasters are also becoming common with time due to global warming. According to reports by Statista, the global temperature is on the rise and is the major reason behind weather-related catastrophes. Moreover, other factors such as theft, embezzlement, etc., also make it important to get church insurance.

If you’re still wondering how church insurance can benefit the church in the long run, here is a list of benefits you can get from it.

1. Protection of Property in the Long Run

An insured church building

Imagine a weather-related catastrophe destroying the whole interior and exterior of the church. Unless you have insurance, the money will go out of your pocket or from the funds you have collected over time. Since the churches are made up of specialized materials to beautify them; therefore, the renovations can be extremely expensive.

Property insurance is the best way to secure the church building from delayed or no renovations at all. This insurance covers classroom supplies and equipment along with other church-owned structures, including community centers and pastor’s residences.

Since it’s a big property; therefore, the best tip is to get church property insurance from a top agency to avoid any trouble in the future.

2. Saves Your Pocket from Auto Liability and Physical Damages in the Future

Many churches offer a vehicle to the pastor or own buses or vans. There’s always a chance for an accident when there’s a vehicle. An accident can result in severe injuries and damage to the vehicle, so the best way to save you from trouble is by getting an auto policy for it.

This insurance policy offers coverage for injuries and covers vehicle damage as well. Your church insurance agent will also tell you about the non-owned auto coverage to save the church from any liability in the future.

3. Give Leverage to the Church if an Employee is a Risk

Bad people are everywhere, and nobody can control them. The employees can also turn into a risk for the church due to their bad intentions. When this happens, there’s no way for the church to overcome these challenges other than paying for someone else’s fraud. The best way to protect the church from any risk is by ensuring that special coverage covers employee dishonesty and employee-related malpractices.

Talk to an expert in a church insurance policy to get more details about special coverage options so you don’t have to suffer the consequences of employees’ wrongful acts.

4. Saves You From Facing Lawsuits Due to Slips and Falls

A child getting injured due to a slip and fall

The church property must be built exceptionally well with the best floors, but a little mishap can still cause an injury to someone. Slips and falls are a pretty common reason behind claims, so the best tip is to save the church from the trouble and get slips and falls insurance coverage with your plan.

5. Minimizes the Church’s Liability in Many Cases

The church is a holy and sacred place. Many people simply come to the church to volunteer for a good cause. In fact, many churches heavily rely on the number of volunteers to help the church with everyday tasks. The best way to secure the church from liability is by getting an insurance policy.

Children also come to the church to get education and awareness about the religion. To reduce the risk of malpractice, it’s essential to run background checks on teachers, nurses, or any other volunteers working directly with the children. Apart from an insurance policy, these policies will save the church from any possible claim in the future. In addition, you can add sexual misconduct coverage in the church liability insurance policy to protect the church.

Where to Get Church Property Insurance From?

Finding the best church insurance agency to get property insurance is the most difficult task. You can spend hours, days, and weeks finding the right agent, but there’s still no guarantee of success.

Integrity Now insurance is one of the top-rated church insurance agents in the country. They aim to develop a relationship between the church, insurance company, and their office to help with customer service, loss control, coverage, and value. They help churches according to their insurance needs to offer the best solution. They have spent hours and hours working with different churches to meet their needs at the best time.

If your church still doesn’t have church protection, then the best tip here is to go to Integrity Now Insurance to deal with it. They offer plenty of services, including – church property insurance, non-profit insurance, group health insurance, workers’ compensation, abuse and molestation insurance, general liability insurance, religious expression coverage, mission trip insurance, business auto insurance, employment practice liability, and much more.

A church insurance agent shaking hands with the client

Why Get Church Property Insurance, Church Liability Insurance& Others from Integrity Now Insurance?

Not all church insurance agencies are efficient in providing coverage to churches. Integrity Now insurance is known to be a top-rated church insurance provider in the town for its excellent knowledge and extensive experience in the field. One thing that makes them stand out is that they only have the most experience in churches.

The company is A-rated by the AM Best. You cannot rely on agencies that are not specialized in writing insurance for churches. Fortunately, Integrity Now Insurance specializes in offering specific coverages to churches that most businesses do not require. It’s not as simple as calling the agent and asking them for an insurance policy.

To save your church from any possible harm in the future, it’s essential to get church insurance at all costs. It’s the safest way to secure the board directors, volunteers, and other employees working at the church. From auto insurance to liability insurance, all of them are targeted to save the church from paying from their pocket.

Integrity Now Insurance is an exceptional church insurance agency that can be your best hope in finding the right solution. Don’t think twice and call them now to get more details about the insurance coverage policies. Their talented agents are always happy to help their clients!

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