A church can be sued for negligence for various reasons. Anyone can sue a church in court for violating the law. Sexual abuse, fraud, class action, extortion, and driving emotional distress among people are some reasons a church might face strict legal action. Here are some reasons a church can be liable.

1. Sexual Abuse of Children

Sexual abuse is a heinous crime. If proof shows that the church’s leaders knew about the ongoing child abuse on their premises and failed to stop it, they are liable. If a prosecutor doesn’t press charges against the church’s management, the victim can still claim compensation for enduring suffering at their property.

In this regard, abuse and molestation insurance for churches are also recommended as it can prevent these crimes from taking place and compensate for the losses without causing financial ruin. A church can also prevent  negligence by:

2. Property Disputes

Property dispute is one of the most common reasons churches are sued. If the land’s ownership is uncertain, it cannot be sold or used as collateral. Landlord disputes may also arise over maintenance issues, change in property policies, or trouble with tenants for churches that lease worship areas. Therefore, the church must ensure what its real estate title says to avoid being sued in court.

Get church property insurance to compensate for any property damages that might take place due to harsh weather conditions or accidents.

A church’s interior with architectural photography.

Personal Injury

A church that owns property must take measures to enhance their visitor’s, employees’, and volunteers’ safety. A church might be sued with a personal injury lawsuit if someone within the premises suffers an injury. Therefore, all churches must have insurance to pay for the medical treatments of those injured.


A church must examine the existing zoning laws before purchasing land. You might have to change or exempt a zoning rule to implement your church’s planned activities and avoid facing a lawsuit.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Disputes between insurers and churches involve coverage exclusions. General liability insurance won’t cover a claim for alleged sexual abuse by a church volunteer or employee. Thus, a church needs additional coverage to defend against such claims.

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