Nonprofit Marketing is a vital part of running any successful nonprofit organization, but it’s tough to keep up with the latest strategies. Luckily for you non-profit companies who want fresh new ideas that will help your organization stand out from all other advertisers – I’ve got some great news! There are plenty more ways than ever before available online or off ́and they’re mostly free too! Let us show you how to increase donor retention by adding a new acquisition channel or two.

Marketing Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations

You developed a marketing strategy to promote a non-profit organization. Tell me about the best strategies for executing a marketing plan for your company. Some nonprofit marketing strategies overlap such as sharing blog content via social networks and sending invites via emails. This approach is useful in tandem, but we suggest introducing each strategy slowly to avoid overpowering.

Indeed, our experts believe that your nonprofit organization may be running with an inflexible marketing team. In this section, we will give advice on achieving greater effectiveness using less. In the end, however, don’t hesitate to outsource nonprofit marketing when necessary.

How do I start marketing for nonprofits?

Nonprofit marketing isn’t simple. Sometimes you must advertise a cause on a tight budget without any staff or resources. And leadership will be reluctant to do marketing because of the potential for return. Add all the other stuff together, and advertising nonprofits may seem astronomical. However, it has its benefits.

Almost all nonprofits have stories they can share. They can tell them in a way that is meaningful and motivates the use of traditional digital advertising because there are things there that truly matter—real and shareable.

When we share these real and tangible stores it can raise awareness about your business and encourage donations.

In addition to having limited staff, it is easy for your team to have enthusiasm for your cause when you integrate them into your video marketing efforts and marketing ideas.

Why a Nonprofit Organization Needs Marketing

Even a large nonprofit organization can’t reach its goals unless people know about it. Your firm should have a strong relationship with media, volunteers, donors, and even government firms to fulfill its mission. Marketing can help your non-profit organization:

Here are some creative ways to enhance your nonprofit marketing:

Branding your nonprofit organization

Bring Your Brand to Every Donation Touch point

Branding is very important to nonprofit marketing. Large nonprofit organizations have done a fantastic job at establishing their brand and are recognizable through their logo.

Create a fresh logo or image for your organization to show that you’re open to progress and improvement. Let your target audience know you’re a modern non-profit firm offering them more opportunities.

Make use of what you know about your target donors to establish and sustain a brand to encourage them to make the gift emotionally motivating.

Think of the brand as an ongoing flow from website through email, and into every campaign hosted. Use personalized donation forms for branding campaigns and think about branded campaign templates for pages you’ll repeat repeatedly.

Nonprofits can get free canva accounts. Using canva’s kit feature you can easily add all of your nonprofit logo to your website headers, Instagram posts or even your logos.

Track your fundraising trends so you stay on top of your current donation process and adjust them as needed.

As you build your brand through video content, online post, google ads, and more ensure you are keeping the organization’s mission on the forefront of your donors.

Many nonprofits as they build their band integrate their social media accounts allowing them to more easily share their success stories throughout the year.

Find the keywords your target audience is searching for

Take a moment to reflect on how many times you have heard of an issue. Maybe you had listened to a story in which people talked about the lack of food security in a certain neighborhood, and the inequality between education and employment in other countries.

Do you search a certain topic on Google or use an Android phone? Most definitely. There may be individuals interested in your mission who conduct similar searches each day.

What should you do to help [Mission]? It is a nonprofit that answers their questions. Keyword-targeted advertising ensures your church organization is listed first.

Retarget supporters with digital advertisements

Imagine the donor can find your nonprofit on their website and then visit your page for donations. Suddenly they are distracted by Facebook or Google and can’t find your site. This is not the reason to lose your supporters’ interest!

It is important that your donors are drawn first to your site so that you can make your donation.

Retargeted advertisements can be useful for organizations that have a large amount of support for your website. So the person who abandons the donation form will see ads when they see news stories or search online recipes for dinners.

You can use this process by installing a tracking pixel on your website or using a Google Ads custom audience.

Nonprofit Marketing through social media paid ads

Use paid advertisements on social media

Social networks contain information about your supporters. Consider how many people can learn on Facebook. They have names, age, place, job experience, gender, interests and many more.

This information may be used to create advertising campaigns targeting particular audiences. Social advertising has become one-way non-profit businesses have not utilized Fortune 500 brands’ full potential.

This strategy is an amazingly low-priced strategy with great potential. Identify your target audience and target them using social media to engage your audience.

Use geofencing to target potential supporters

When sending email messages to support groups, and even creating a mapping program, the objective is to get back into contact with your present customer base.

Whether they’ve spoken to you previously (for example, if they take an e-mail address from you), it’s important to figure out what piques their interest as a person.

Geofencing enables you to target new, previously unknown supporters for initiatives based on their location. Geofencing utilizes radio frequency identification (RFID) and GPS technology to define the limits within which you can advertise.

This can be very useful in getting your message to people while they’re at an event or conference related to your cause. You can also target people who live in a certain area.

For example, if you’re trying to get people to donate to a food bank, you could target people who live in areas with high poverty rates.

Set Nonprofit Marketing Goals to get results

Make and meet your nonprofit marketing goals

There is no way to reach the goal without it. I need a donor. That would be one thing if we wanted to raise $75,000 by the end of 2023. Keep your goals clear and quantifiable.

With measurable goals, you determine if you have reached the desired goal and you can tell stakeholders what this extra money is doing.

Asking for assistance can be helpful if you find it difficult. You want to make sure you’re not only asking for people to donate money but also for time, food, or in-kind donations.

Be willing to put in the extra effort to make your goals and then you will be able to see the benefits of all the nonprofit marketing ideas you’ve put into place.

Life has not stopped and many people are interested in being involved in this and helping those in need. If so, maybe your leadership team are interested in digital marketing. Set a meeting, and if you’re looking for more ideas, try to brainstorm with them.

Monetize your audience by selling sponsored retargeting ads

What if sponsors could earn more money through sponsors? The sponsorship targeting scheme worked out well.

Sponsored Retargeting Advertising is advertising you have received in the vicinity of your organization from businesses within your nonprofits. This is a fantastic marketing tactic, as these ads are 100% marketed by the sponsors.

Co-branded ads offer great means to promote event title sponsor and presenting corresponding gifts to for profit businesses.

Your non-profit sells a package of business marketing and earns revenue while promoting it directly on your site and to your target audience.

two men taking notes in front of a laptop.

Modernize your website

If the nonprofit organizations website has no visible access to the website or has not been updated in years then it needs updating. A mobile-responsive website will allow people to find you more easily.

Here are a few questions to ask about your online marketing efforts:

As important as having your website, ensure your non-profit has, if not more than, a Facebook Page and Twitter profile as part of your overall social media marketing.

Social Media platforms provides an effective way of connecting your marketing messaging with others and sharing. It also allows people to learn about your nonprofit organization, engage with your cause, and donate to your organization.

Ensure you are regularly updating your social media sites and providing responses to your social media pages.

Make sure you are using the correct hashtags, tagging other pages, and using images to get more engagement.

Through your marketing campaigns you can obtain new fresh marketing ideas from your followers who are asking questions.

Nonprofit Marketing is a must have digital marketing strategy every nonprofit organization must incorporate.

Lights, camera, action!

Now that you have your executive director on the move and he is able to join Zoom meetings, it is time to get started with video content marketing.

Most non-profit organizations are reluctant to adopt a video marketing approach however many nonprofits who have integrate video have learned it is a great way of gaining the attention of a targeted audience.

You can send executive director videos, highlight service providers, announce an upcoming event, talk about success stories, and give them a chance to answer questions in a friendly way.

Send a link to your website and send it to supporters in your email marketing campaigns.

Psychology of a nonprofit organization donors mind

Get familiar with donor psychology

Once you understand how your audience responds to a particular content that they like, you can develop the content they want as part of your nonprofit marketing.

Non profit marketers have the potential to utilize giving psychology to understand various behavior. They can determine what motivating factors motivate donors to donate regularly rather than simply once.

The psychology of the answers provides insight on how to create a strong relationship with a targeted donor. Below is a list of donor behaviors we took from American Give:

Send behavior-based nonprofit email marketing streams

It’s likely your automated email software has already been setup. A thank-you can be sent automatically as part of your marketing tactics if a supporter has emailed you.

Alternatively, the recipient may get a confirmation fax when he/she joins a supporter.

The behavioral email stream takes it to another level. Behavior Based email streaming lets you leverage email marketing by setup several emails for each supporter as a trigger action is complete.

For instance, visitors can sign up for your organization’s newsletter and receive the first email in the stream. If the supporter reads the first email, he or she is then sent the second email in the stream a few days later.

This process continues until the supporter completes all the actions in the email stream (such as making a donation). Supporters can be segmented into groups so you’re not sending everyone the same emails.

For instance, you can setup an email stream for first time donors and another email stream for lapsed donors who haven’t given in a while.

This allows you to send targeted content that is more likely to get a response from the supporter.

Ask board members to participate in influencer marketing

Your board of directors have an important role in your charity activities. They are responsible for creating the broad and ambitious vision they want you to realize.

Moreover, as passionate supporters these are also a key component of your fundraising and mission-driven activities.

Use the invitation program for the promotion of your upcoming organization opportunity or campaign.

This campaign lets board members start their own landing pages inviting friends and followers into the nonprofit.

Board members should be encouraged to share social media posts with their group of followers and family members.

Your board members can help boost awareness, find new supporters, establish a meaningful conversation, and make a personal connection within their social media pages.

Now you have multiple platforms where staff members and board members post videos and provide educational content on about things, they are passionate about.

Develop a loyalty program for your nonprofit

When people are given the chance to participate in a loyalty program, they are more likely to continue their relationship with the organization. It’s a way of showing that you’re appreciated and also motivating people to give back.

There are many ways to set up a loyalty program, but one option is to offer donors “points” for their charitable donations. These points can be used to redeem prizes or discounts at a local for profit business.

For example, if someone donates $50 to your nonprofit, they could get 500 points. Then, they could use those points to get a $5 discount at a local coffee shop.

This is a great way to show your donors that you appreciate their support and also help them save money on things they already love. And who doesn’t love coffee!

Virtual online events for nonprofit organizations

Plan new virtual events

Many nongovernmental organizations moved fundraising events to the web after the covid-19 pandemic. Hosting online events was mostly unknown.

Virtual events gives you a chance to present online fundraising events and the ability to track event attendees who sign up electronically.

Online virtual events cost less to host as well. The cost savings can then be passed on to help further help those you serve.

Remember to include government agencies who can be integrated into your nonprofit marketing ideas and help strengthen donor support.

Learning from the previous year can be useful for your business if you want to develop new digital marketing strategies for the upcoming year.

Save time with automation

Email marketing provides excellent ROI over existing online advertising tools and can be implemented in any automation system. Automation saves time while improving relationships and wooing new donors.

Every subscriber to your emails will be sent welcome notes with actionable instructions to seamlessly move into service.

Providing an electronic nonprofit marketing guide offers targeted marketing materials for potential donors.

Folk may be interested in your agency services, but they’re likely interested to learn more about your work. Automated emails should include a list of your followers.

Form Connections Through Visual Storytelling

As content marketing becomes popular within the non-profit sector, more nonprofit organizations use visual storytelling to obtain new donors. People donate when they believe in bringing their own causes.

You create authentic digital marketing content through meaningful messages as people interact with our brand.

Visual content for nonprofit marketing sees the increase in Giving Tuesday by placing visual story front and centre. Websites: High-quality digital marketing content boosts your audience and makes you appear professional.

Visual storytelling are marketing tactics that will last a lifetime and impact social media share as people connect with your marketing efforts.

Increase content marketing

Double-down on content marketing

You can easily fall behind with the agency website Creativity. Take the right time to prepare the content marketing plan for 2022.

Writing takes some effort, but it’s hard to get the marketing ideas approved. The frontloading of work makes a lot of sense for content marketing.

Using content ideas planned in advance, you may spend time researching new keywords for your blog post, social media post, email marketing, and improving SEO to get the most valuable information to your site.

Segment your communications to build donor relationships

Not all donors share similar interests with your charitable organization. You cannot communicate with monthly recurring donors as you do with a first-time donor. You want donors to know how to pay more attention and send more relevant personal messages. This is how segmentation is important for nonprofit marketing. Break up donors into a smaller list to send the appropriate message to a good person.

Leverage email mapping campaigns to get in front of supporters

The studies show that an advertisement requires about 17 to 20 impressions every day to stick. Instead of sending twenty emails per year you may combine email and digital advertising for the best possible results in attracting new customers. Typically e-mail mapping is a way to add advertisement “layers” in an e-commerce campaign. Upload a segmented list to launch a marketing email map.

Master Mobile-Responsive Donation Pages

Those who support you will be able to connect with you via mobile. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly donation page, chances are you may lose a lot of people who just sit back and look at your computer to no avail. The average American is smartphone-dependent with no Internet connection and will only increase with age. You must ensure every contact point with a donor is mobile optimized.

Sign up for Google’s grant program

During a long career in the media for an independent nonprofit, my marketing budget was… zero. Zilcher. Nadi. It was about being creative.

How much money should you give for Google Ad Grants?

If you don’t have an application to receive grants, you can receive up to $10k in free search results. Text advertising is an easy way to increase community.

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers also offers grant writing services. Give us a call and find out how we can help your nonprofit organization secure its first grant.

Increase content marketing

Inspire the next generation through your nonprofit marketing efforts

As COVID-19 poses a higher threat to older populations, some charities saw their volunteer numbers fall. This is just one good reason why you should focus on digital outreach among the youth of your neighborhood.

Young people with families are looking into giving back and should be included as part of your marketing plan.

The next generation may have fresh ideas on creating a new fundraising campaign you have yet to think about.

Create marketing materials designed for the younger generation. They need something that appeals to them.

They also can provide insight on a nonprofit sector their community are most concerned with. Once you tap this new market, they will add to their social media post expanding your online marketing to new donors.

Adjust email outreach to prioritize donor privacy

Marketing companies are looking for more email addresses, data, and targeted outreach for best outcomes. When someone registers on your website and subscribes to your newsletters, they open the door to your business. The manner in which non-profit organizations collect such crucial information will change rapidly. The new trend will be to make it easier for donors to opt in or out of communications.

The new European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) have led the way in this area. The regulations are tough, but they’re also an important step in the right direction when it comes to protecting the privacy of individuals.

In the past, it was common for nonprofits to purchase lists of names and email addresses from other organizations. This is no longer considered best practice, as it’s difficult to be sure that everyone on the list has given their permission to be contacted by your organization. The best way to grow your email list is to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter or email updates on your website.

The Email Marketing Privacy Shifts of 2022

Nonprofits are changing their methods of capturing donor data. Apple has rolled back privacy protections for mail clients to protect data about email accounts and sender emails. Apple customers can now hide their email activity. For more on Apple’s impact on charities, find this article here.

Non-profit organizations must adopt the best methods of connecting donors and supporters.

Upgrade Your Nonprofit Liability Insurance Coverage

Now that you know the top tips and tricks to marketing your nonprofit organization, it is time to make sure you have the needed church liability insurance.  Personal advertising injury coverage is needs to be included within your nonprofits liability insurance coverage.

It also may be time to add an umbrella insurance policy for added liability insurance protection.

Consider non-profit insurance if you’re in California. Reach out to us at Integrity now Insurance.

We’re a reliable church insurance broker that can help you obtain the needed nonprofit liability insurance coverage it needs. We also offer church insurance and church liability insurance in Nevada.

Contact us today for more details.

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