All churches and ministries strongly advocate the need for abuse prevention policies, claiming zero-tolerance for the issue. However, there is a huge difference between being an advocate and taking the necessary preventative measures. Churches and ministries have a long history of abuse and molestation, with new stores and incidents coming to light daily.

Most people are uncomfortable discussing this issue but abuse and molestation are realities that we need to accept and take action against. Even in a place meant for worship, no one is safe from such acts. This is why it’s essential to take the necessary measures and mitigate the risks of such incidents.

Start by addressing and talking about the issue. The more people try to cover it up, the more likely it will happen repeatedly. Ask your church members if they have suffered from abuse and try to prevent it before it happens again.

Have a Clear Abuse Prevention Policy

Communicate your church’s stance on abuse and be clear about the anti-tolerance policies for abusers. Mention this policy everywhere, from your church website to the handbook, to spread awareness. Speak about the issue openly in your sermons and congregations to warn the abusers and make them realize your stance on the matter.

Make certain there isn’t any blind spot in your security system by placing cameras at all entrances, exits, and areas where children congregate.  Your abuse prevention policy needs to consider all associated risks that can present themselves to a crime.

Screening of the Church Staff and Volunteers

Mostly, the problem is inside than outside of churches. Start by doing a background check and criminal background screening on all workers and all pastoral staff. Although you may not always catch a potential perpetrator, you can minimize the chances of letting one inside your church. Additionally, you can search their social media profiles and call their mentioned references to get a more solid grip on their background and character.

Never assume anyone working within a church is exempt from needing a background check. The day you end up in court, you want to confidently respond all employees and volunteers where regularly checked.  Abuse prevention must be taken seriously and no corners should ever be cut.

Catholic church scandal report

Should Churches Allow Known Sex Offenders Attend Church

When considering abuse prevention, some churches have established ministries in working with known sex offenders.  This is a very complicated topic and there is no easy answer to this questions.  We wrote an extensive blog post about allowing known sex offender into a church, and we highly recommend you read this article.  Please keep in mind the sensitive nature of this question if your church is looking at this very question and how to proceed.

Get Church Liability Insurance

Even if you take preventative measures, you can’t predict the future. You should have an abuse and molestation insurance plan to deal with such incidents and claims. An insurance policy can offer coverage for the victims and survivors and protect your church from false claims and accusations.

The church insurance company will require abuse prevention guidelines to be followed, before they are willing to provide insurance coverage related to abuse.

Affordable Church Insurance Agency

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