It’s important to have a dependable auto insurance policy as an organization with vehicles. It will ensure the safety of your workers and property, saving you from any extensive repairs and medical costs. Accidents happen, and even the best drivers are not immune to such mishaps.

Most church and nonprofit organizations assume that commercial auto insurance is too expensive and don’t need it, but that’s not true. Everyone needs reliable auto insurance, no matter how small or large your vehicle is. Several factors affect the cost of commercial auto insurance. Here are some of them.

Number of Miles

A vehicle that travels longer distances is at a greater risk of accidents. This is why the more miles you drive, the more your commercial auto insurance premium will cost. Moreover, the more you drive a vehicle, the more it will be exposed to wear and tear. This can diminish their value and reduce their service life. Even if you follow a regular maintenance routine, the value will depreciate if you drive more miles.

The Driver’s Experience

The drivers behind the wheel need to be experienced and well-trained. You will have to pay a high premium for a new driver with little experience. On the contrary, you can enjoy a lower premium if you hire a driver with years of experience and defensive driving class certification.

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Fuel Prices

This is one of the most significant factors that can cause your insurance costs to spike. If the fuel prices are lower, you will drive more miles, and the insurance costs will be higher.

However, you can enjoy lower premiums when the insurance prices are higher. This also depends on the kind of vehicles you have and how fuel-efficient they are.

Reliable Commercial Auto Insurance for Your Church

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers offers an extensive range of services if you are looking for commercial auto insurance or any other type of church insurance. We have a network of AM Best A-rated church insurance companies offering the best premium rates and comprehensive coverage tailored to the needs of each non-profit organization.

We can help your organization with your commercial auto insurance for a private passenger vehicles, 15 passenger vans, and affordable buses insurance which are owned by the nonprofit or church.

Reach out to us through call or email to get started. Our services extend to Washington, ArizonaNevada, Colorado, Ohio, Texas, California, and many other states across the United States.

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