Planning to invest in a commercial auto insurance coverage plan? Well, you are not alone. Each year, millions of drivers and vehicle owners get their vehicles insured. Yet, some people are still not sure whether buying auto insurance is a smart decision.

From the prices to the mileage, some myths make it unpleasant for car owners to even think about getting insurance. But the truth is most of these myths are just that – myths. There is a long list of such misconceptions, which we will cover in this blog.

Myth # 1: Insurance is More Expensive for Red Cars Compared to Other Colors

Reality: Only the Make and Model of the Vehicle Affect Its Price

This is perhaps one of the most absurd myths out there. A red car is just like any other car unless it has some special features that other cars don’t. Therefore, it’s fair to say that the color of the vehicle does not impact the insurance costs. Rather, it is the make and model of the car that is considered.

Colors are the last thing on the mind of the insurance agent who is working out a suitable premium for your auto insurance coverage.

Myth# 2: The Price of the Car Affects the Cost of the Insurance Premium

Reality: It Depends on the Repair Costs and Loss History

Just because you have bought an expensive luxury vehicle doesn’t automatically mean it will cost more to insure. Some moderately expensive cars can cost more to insure a well. It all comes down to the repair cost, service life, and the miles the car has been driven. If the car has a long history, it will require more money to fix in case of an accident. Hence, it will cost more to insure.

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Myth # 3: Credit Score is Not Important

Reality: It Determines your Ability to Pay back a Loan

Many factors, including your age, driving history, experience, and records, are taken into account while deciding your insurance rates. Your credit history also matters as it shows how reliable you are and how quickly you pay off loans.

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