Church Insurance is key to managing risks and ensuring long-term wellbeing of the nonprofit organization. You forward the risk and loss to the church insurance company when you buy it. However, many people still find it hard to include insurance in their churches budget, leading to drastic consequences.

Most organizations assume they don’t need church insurance or are too small, but insurance is a must-have for everyone. There are many types of insurance policies available, and you can come up with a personalized insurance plan that suits your organization’s needs. While it may look like a hefty investment, it will save you from extensive medical bills and repair costs in the future.

This blog will highlight reasons you should never cut out church insurance from your budget.

Financial Security Protects Your Budget

Whether you are a large or small church organization, a single accident can ruin your years of hard work. Everything unravels quickly when disaster strikes. Church insurance offers a way out under such circumstances. It offers financial security and the ability to get back on your feet after an accident.

While a deductible of $2,500 may seem out of reach, without the needed insurance an organization can face tens of thousands in losses without it.

Insurance is there to protect your church from a multi-million dollar property loss, or to cover a liability insurance claim due to an accident.  Not even the most perfectly crafted budget can handle a shock loss.

Risk Management

Church insurance can cover all kinds of risks, from vehicle accidents and theft to fires and natural disasters. An oration is exposed to many risks every day, and to manage them, and you need a reliable insurance plan.  Church insurance agents, are your back-office risk managers.  They are there to help you secure the needed liability insurance for churches.

Larger churches should factor into their church budget a dedicated risk manager.  They are there to keep the safety of your staff and property in good working order.  They also management your church insurance coverages on an annual basis.  It is there job to ensure there are no gaps in your churches liability insurance.

A risk manager job is not only concerned with the property but also your church staff.  They are concerned with the workstations of each employee being ergonomically correct, free of clutter, and a safe work environment.  Preventing a workers’ compensation insurance claim is another facet or their jobs.

Does your church have adequate lighting throughout the inside and outside of your church buildings.  Proper lighting helps reduce liability insurance claims, which helps save your churches budget.

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Peace of Mind

Having church insurance allows you to enjoy some much-needed peace of mind especially when it comes to balancing a budget. You can do your work stress-free, without worrying about an unforeseen accident or emergency all the time. No amount of money is equal to your health and mental wellbeing. With insurance, you can at least know that you have a cushion to fall back on in case of a mishap.

Without insurance a church could face a budget buster with a single loss.

Being A Good Steward

God wants us to all be a good steward of the money He provides.  Your church members also want the church leadership to spend the money they tieth well. Church members expect their leaders have secured the needed church insurance, with all of the proper liability and property insurance.

The last thing church members want to hear is the pastor informing its members the claim is not covered because they chose to save a few hundred dollars on their insurance premium.

Get Insured Today!

To ensure the safety of your church, have an insurance broker from Integrity Now Insurance look after you. We are a pro at understanding the needs of new church startups and long standing older churches. The brokers at Integrity Now Insurance are experts in ministry insurance and non-profit insurance. We’ve worked with numerous clients for general liability insuranceabuse and molestation insurance, and employment practice liability insurance.

To have our church insurance brokers look after your church insurance plans, contact us at (877) 854 7396. Alternatively, you request a quote right here.

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