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When there are various administrative responsibilities and decisions that need to be made, it can be overwhelming for church leaders to focus on meeting the needs of the community they serve. A reliable church insurance policy with comprehensive coverage can free up your leadership, allowing them to focus on the ministry. However, to ensure that your sanctuary remains protected from all potential dangers, it’s important that you work with an experienced agent from a reputable church insurance company that you can trust to understand your church’s unique insurance needs. Consider the following things before investing in a church insurance policy.

Know Your Options

Church Insurance Agents

Ask yourself; who does your church insurance agent work for? Well, the only right answer here is you, not the insurance company.

There are two basic types of agents—independent and captive. A captive agent gets paid by the insurance provider they represent, whereas an independent agent can sell insurance products from various insurance companies. Choosing an independent agent over a captive agent is preferable because it helps ensure that the representative is looking out for your best interests. But make sure the agent you hire possesses the credible knowledge and experience needed to protect your church. They should be someone who specializes, particularly in church insurance, so that they’re familiar with the unique coverage policies your ministry might need.

Church Insurance Company

Similarly, choose an insurance provider specializing in church insurance, not one that sells policies designed for businesses without adding or modifying tailored coverages that a ministry needs. Integrity Now Insurance Brokers can help you connect with reliable specialty insurance companies that have devoted their resources to protect churches and related ministries across America. Our dedicated team can help you finalize a church insurance agent who is well-versed in various aspects of church insurance and offers additional services to help manage potential risks. We only work with church property insurance companies that have financial integrity and a reputation for completely satisfying their customers’ claims with a quick turnaround time.

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Top Must-Have Church Insurance Coverages

General Liability Insurance

Whether your church has 20 members or hundreds of members, all churches must have general liability insurance. It helps protect your ministry from a broad range of potential losses. General liability insurance covers property damage and work-related injury claims. You can protect your church’s building and other contents against damage caused by water, fire, and temperamental weather. This policy will allow all operations to continue while the building gets restored if such perils render it unusable. It also covers liability claims brought about by employees for job-related illness or injuries.

Additional Options

  • A commercial auto policy for vehicles owned by the church or a non-owned auto liability coverage for rented or borrowed vehicles.
  • Mission trip insurance for short- and long-term missions provides coverage for accidental death, medical-related evacuation, medical care, kidnapping, and other travel-related perils.
  • Workers’ compensation coverage for protecting employees as per the state laws. From lost wages to medical and hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, lawsuits, retraining for disabilities, and more, it covers a wide range of costs in instances where the employee is killed or injured while on the job.
  • An Umbrella policy that offers additional liability protection to cover potential catastrophic events that churches can experience. The policy provides excess liability protection when an injury or claim exceeds the general liability insurance limits.

Equipment breakdown and property coverage, molestation and abuse insurance coverage, officers’ and directors’ insurance, crime insurance, group life and health insurance… several coverages address the unique needs of ministries. Church insurance isn’t an easy topic to grasp, but an experienced church insurance agent can be your best source of knowledge when it comes to helping you understand various aspects of protecting your church from various internal and external safety and risk management issues pertaining to your church.

Schedule a consultation with Integrity Now Insurance Brokers to discuss your concerns with a reliable church insurance brokers who can help you devise a strategy that suits the ever-evolving needs of your ever-growing ministry.

You can give us a call or email us to learn more about various church insurance policies, including Ministry Insurance, church property insurance, church liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, house of worship insurance, commercial auto insurance, and more. We offer services in several states, including ArizonaCalifornia, Colorado, NevadaOhio, Texas, and Washington.



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